After four months of closed doors, Porto Puppet Theatre - Belomonte Theatre reopens today, July 15th, with an exhibition that revisits some of the company's iconic works.

During the four months that it remained closed, Teatro de Marionetas do Porto was working on this new project, taking the opportunity to renovate the space, its plays, and speeches.

Now, it reopens with the exhibition "Marionetas Contemporâneas: Criações e discursos", following the basic concept of Museu das Marionetas do Porto and assuming the existing relationship between the theatre / museum, creating the shows and the exhibition of the plays.

The exhibit features iconic plays by the company - such as "Miséria", "Vai no Batalha", "Óscar", "História da Praia Grande", among others - and new spaces created having in mind the new dynamics with the public.

With a programme aimed at all ages, the exhibition enables a diverse enjoyment, which invites the visitor to embark on a journey through the exhibited plays, props, stories and all the satellite activities.

The exhibition remains open until 31 January 2021 and, in addition to the universe of contemporary puppets, invites the public to discover the work by photographer Susana Neves and a piece donated by the artist Ricardo Leite, painted and inspired by the puppets of the show "Macbeth" by João Paulo Seara Cardoso.

In view of the current contingency measures, Museu das Marionetas remains open on Rua de Belmonte, from Monday to Sunday, only in the afternoon, from 2 pm to 6 pm, and wearing a face mask, sanitising hands upon entering and keeping a two-meter physical distancing between visitors, are compulsory.

With a maximum capacity of 10 visitors simultaneously, the museum closes daily, between 4 pm and 4:30 pm, for sanitisation.

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