The idea was born from a conversation between the founder of the Adoramus project, Filipe Ferreira, and "instagrammer" Kitato. "Adoramus lent the space for artistic creation and Kitato invited Hazul, thus recovering a century-old union between artistic creation and religion," stressed Filipe Ferreira in a statement.

Hazul began "give life" to the painting, with about 40 square metres in size, installed on a side wall of the Adoramus shop on the pedestrianised part of Avenida de Vímara Peres . "This area was in the past and now it is again one of the gateways to the city. That is why I want to leave here one of my portals, a drawing that always has many possible interpretations", says the artist.

"It can be a passageway to another dimension, another reality or state. It can mean a change of a place or a change of a feeling. It is part of a series of drawings I have been working on and, in this particular case, due to the location and the shape of the wall, it allows different readings - from the simplest to the most metaphysical - especially to those who arrive in Porto from Gaia, whether they are locals or tourists," Hazul adds.

Kitato stresses the importance of the artist's work in the city over the last two decades. "He hid in the alleys and alleyways of Porto, taking over walls and streets that came to life. For all this, for being part of Porto's street culture, his work deserves to be admired by those who cross Luiz I Bridge daily and also by the thousands who visit it from sunrise to sunset", confesses the "instagrammer".

Hazul was born in 1981, in Porto, and his first interventions in public spaces appeared in 1997, under the pseudonym Pong 02. He continues to have the street as his main setting, maintaining a constant dialogue between the contemporary and the ancestral world. Besides walls, he also uses canvases, papers and found objects as means to express himself. His curriculum includes various participations in events and exhibitions and paintings, such as a piece in the Nova Sintra Park.

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