As of June, Metro do Porto will extend the service from the airport to the Campanhã station, also increasing the frequency to 15 minutes.

The Violet line (E) has seen an increase in use this year, so the company decided to re-establish the direct connection between the airport and one railway station, allowing, according to Metro, “the interface with CP trains”.

"From the beginning of June, still and always with two metro carriages, the Violeta line [E, from the airport] will have a frequency of 15 minutes, having as alternate destinations, in the centre of Porto, the stations of Trindade and Campanhã", can be read in a statement released by the company.

This decision stems from the increase in demand and use of the Violeta line. “The increase is 580%, compared to 2021, almost six times more than the average growth of the entire network (+106%)”, approaching “the levels of demand prior to the pandemic”, stresses the company, also revealing that, since last Monday, "the supply [of the Violeta line] has doubled the capacity, as it is now entirely carried out in two carriages (previously it was only one carriage)".

The frequency, on weekdays and from 7 am to 8 pm, is now 20 minutes (three services per hour and direction), as opposed to the previous 30 minutes. Thus, on the airport line, the capacity of the metro " increases to close to two thousand customers / hour / direction" at the beginning of next month. From June onwards, it will also “increase the capacity and frequency on all the remaining five lines of the network, according with the demand monitoring” carried out by the company.

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