Romantic Extension by Museu da Cidade has gained a new life with the exhibition "Metamorfoses: Imanência Vegetal, Mineral e Animal no Espaço Doméstico Romântico". In the Quinta da Macieirinha building, visitors can admire objects - many of them for the first time - that are part of the extensive cultural legacy of the former municipal museum, marking a new stage in the life of Museu da Cidade, centred on the presentation of the Municipality's collection.

This exhibition, with pieces from various hubs of Museu da Cidade (Guerra Junqueiro House and Marta Ortigão Sampaio House, former Porto Municipal Museum) and works held in storage by the municipality at Soares dos Reis National Museum or the Natural History Museum of the Porto University, focuses on the process of integrating the imaginary and the vegetable, animal and mineral themes in the domestic space, transforming the rooms of the house of Quinta da Macieirinha into a space for research and observation, with a wide range of objects, already previously presented in the former Romantic Museum and others never seen before.

Museu da Cidade thus continues the task of presenting the city’s cultural legacy, with the discovery of important pieces from the collection of Porto’s former municipal museum, opened in 1849, from the collection of João Allen (Allen Museum), a collector who gathered and exhibited a collection exemplifying the emerging interest in the 19th century, around very wide-ranging spheres of knowledge. Many of these pieces are in storage in the care of the Soares dos Reis National Museum.

While the permanent exhibition stands, individual pieces or small groups of pieces will be periodically inserted, making it a dynamic space of permanent discovery of the municipal collection.

This exhibition is the result of structural work on the management of Museu da Cidade’s collection, carried out around two and a half years ago, it includes the introduction and strengthening of integrated practices of preventive conservation, inventorying and environmental control and management of the Museu’s different stations.

The moment also marks a first unveiling of the Távora Sequeira Pinto Collection, which will be presented in the future extension of the Museu da Cidade, in Matadouro, a former slaughterhouse in Campanhã.

Porto. card holders have free entry to the exhibition.

The exhibition can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10 am and 5.30 pm. More information here.

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