The best wine activities to awaken the senses

For those who are experts, wine lovers or just curious about the topic, this is the right moment to plan your visit to Porto and the Northern region.

Even if you're not in time to actively participate in the September grape harvest, it's a great time to visit some of the best wine cellars, with innovative architectural designs, and learn the history of the families who have created the most iconic wine brands. And of course, doing a comprehensive wine tasting.

Porto.CARD offers discounts on many wine activities you do not want to miss. See the itinerary we have prepared for you!


1 -Wines of Portugal Tasting Room -

Broaden your wine knowledge, taste and learn more about the diversity of the grape varieties of the Portuguese wines.

2 - Douro and Port Wines Institute, I.P. -

See the rigorous process of analysis and certification of wines, with a guided tour followed by a tasting in one of the most relevant institutions of this sector.

3 - Porto Wine Cellars

Follow the route of 10 Port wine cellars, with discounts Porto.CARD, and discover the differences and stories of each one of them. Learn more about a fortified wine entirely produced in the region and popular in the four corners of the World!

4 - Porto Cruz Space - 2 tastings for 1

Perfect for a visit for two, with multisensory tasting, guided by a professional sommelier.

Also enjoy the terrace overlooking the Douro River and benefit from a discount at the deCastro Gaia  restaurant.

5 - Lunch | dinner at a “Port Wine restaurant"

Look for the “Port Wine Restaurants” that can offer you the best gastronomic experiences paired with Port wine.

6 - Fado with Port Wine

Fado, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity meets Port Wine in a show that includes live performances and a guided tour to the Calém Cellars, as well as a must-do wine tasting.

There is nothing better than to watch a Fado show, late afternoon, next to Luiz I Bridge, with a Port wine glass.

7 - Portuguese handmade products -

Taste Portuguese artisanal products in a contemporary grocery store, always paired with the best Portuguese wines. Look for the shops with Porto.CARD discount. Have you ever tasted chocolates with a Port wine filling?


There are several options to get there, from package tours by car, to a cruise on the Douro river or a car rental.

8 - It is worth seeing the oldest demarcated region in the world - up to

  • Tour by car to the Douro Valley all inclusive
  • Onboard a cruise

A 1-day cruise to the Douro Valley and discover the old Port wine route when, at the beginning of its trade, the wine descended along the river by rabelo boats.

9 - Get to know Quinta do Seixo - Sandeman in the Douro Valley

to with a guided tour to the wine cellar, wine shop and historic wineries where Sandeman wines are produced, one of the most awarded brands in the world, with wine tastings included.


Go and explore the only demarcated region in the world that produces the fresh aromas of vinhos verdes.

10 - Quinta de Santa Cristina

You must visit the quinta, the winery and taste the vinhos verdes and sparkling wines. To get around you can choose to rent a car or choose one of the tailored tours.

  • Quinta:
  • Tailored tours:
  • Car rental:

If you have the chance, do not forget to take with you, or order some bottles, to prolong the good memories of this visit or, perhaps, to surprise a friend!

  • Wine shops -

For a perfect experience, share the wine tastings ritual with your friends and family.

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