The largest exhibition of European LEGO landed at Alfândega do Porto, where it remains until August 23rd. There are more than 5 million Lego bricks, spread over 2,000 square meters, totalling about 100 sets, in 12 themed areas. Includes recreations of iconic films such as the Titanic or the Star Wars saga.

The "Exposição de Modelos Feitos com Peças LEGO" even opened its doors for a few days in March, but it quickly had to close due to the pandemic.

It reopened in June at Alfândega do Porto, where it will remain for another month. With the potential to attract people of all ages, it combines fun with knowledge, as one of the themed areas recreates the human body in LEGO, thus becoming a Biology lesson from a different perspective.

For fans of the Star Wars saga, this exhibition is also a must-visit, featuring spaceships, characters, lightsabres, iconic scenes from the films, as there is a strong likelihood of being wowed by the detail put into each reconstruction. The Battle of Coruscant, Trench Run or TIE Fighter are some of the recreations on display in the Star Wars District.

The trip is made not only to the futuristic world of this cult series, but also to the historical past, romanticized by the film Titanic. For the Lego construction of the most famous ship of the 20th century, about three meters high and 11 meters long, around 500 thousand bricks were used.

There is also a zone dedicated to characters from superhero films to scale, like Captain America or Thor; a 1:1 scale Avenue of Sports Stars, where Robert Lewandowski is on the list; a zone of robotics and fantasy; an animation area, which include the famous blue creatures, The Smurfs, among other attractions, such as train track scale models, and recreations of high-speed train models (Pendolino, ICE and TGV).

The exhibition is on display at Alfândega do Porto until August 23rd. For more information, namely on tickets, visit the official website.

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