From January 23rd to 29th, there will be films, workshops and film-concerts for children, young people and families that, besides the sea, will address other topics, such as the place of nature and animals, climate change or abortion.

With the sea as its main topic and Batalha Centro de Cinema as its new home, the 7th International Children and Youth Film Festival of Porto returns with a robust programme that will flood Invicta with films, workshops and film-concerts for children, young people and families, from January 23rd to 29th.

In partnership with the FILMar project, IndieJúnior will present a film-concert, on the 29th at 4:15 pm, which will include five films that focus on the sea and its people. They are Conservas de Atum (Castello Branco Mello), De Sol a Sol (Adolfo Quaresma), O Naufrágio do Veronese (Invicta Filmes), Pesca do Bacalhau (Filmes Samnael) and Vinho do Porto (Adriano Ramos Pinto). 

But many other topics will also be addressed, including “the place of nature and animals, climate change, abortion or family relationships in situations of poverty”, as well as debates “around the way cinema and art can be important tools for grieving”.

As for the workshops, the “Animação de Recortes” will make it possible to understand and experiment with image animation processes, taking place on the 29th at 10:30 am at the Soares dos Reis National Museum. “Vamos Imaginar uma Cidade Sustentável”, will explore the flora of the Botanical Garden, at Galeria da Biodiversidade - Centro Ciência Viva, on the 26th, at 2 pm and 6 pm.

There will also be screenings of baby on lap cinema, at Coliseu Porto Ageas, for children under the age of three, as well as four Portuguese films, which will be accompanied by conversations with the directors. Not to be missed: Ice Merchants by João Gonzalez; O Homem do Lixo by Laura Gonçalves; O Casaco Rosa by Mónica Santos and O Conto da Raposa by Alexandra Allen.

Written by Mariana Morais Pinheiro

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