Do you like to surprise your better half with different and original gifts? Then, this article is perfect for you. We give you suggestions to give unique experiences in the Invicta city and make your partner smile. At the moment, you cannot enjoy these experiences, but why not start planning the next surprise for your loved one? Porto will be here to welcome you, when all is well.

For wine lovers

Are you that couple who enjoy a good bottle of wine, but also enjoy listening to the experience and history behind each wine varietal by an expert in the field? In Porto you can enjoy both. The Invicta city's connection to wine goes back a few centuries and, as such, you can find in Porto several points of interest that honour Wine, especially the authentic and unique Port Wine.

We suggest that you offer a visit for two to the Museu da Cidade - Port Wine Museum (Extensão do Douro) and, after the visit, take the opportunity to stroll through the streets of Porto to Garrafeira do Carmo, where you will find a huge variety of the best that the wine of Porto and the North of Portugal region has to offer.

If you like to learn even more about wine, here is our suggestion, try the Wine Masterclass at The Yeatman, where you are invited to travel through the different Portuguese wine regions, with a selection of wines specially selected for you.

You can also choose to offer a unique wine moment at the Wine Cellar at the Restaurante Porto Novo. Here we invite you to enjoy a dinner where the wines are the protagonists, in a unique wine atmosphere, in private, inside the cellar.

For chocolate fanatics

Cannot resist a delicious piece of chocolate?

There is a novelty in the world of chocolate in Porto and it is in the new cultural centre opened in 2020: WOW - World of Wine.

Chocolate goes perfectly well with wine and, as such, there is a museum dedicated to this delicacy in the World of Wine. We suggest you embark on an immersive experience from the world of cocoa to the world of chocolate at WOW - The Chocolate Story (chocolate museum). While you are learning the history of this delicacy, put your hands to work at the Chocolate Factory where you can roast and grind the cocoa and make and conche the chocolate, until it takes shape and, finally, to taste. At the end of the trip, nothing better than offering a tablet of the brand VinteVinte - a brand manufactured by WOW - to your loved one to sweeten, even more, the taste buds.

Autor: Hilodi – World of Wine

For sports enthusiasts

Do you both love sports, especially football? In the eastern part of the city, you can find the home of one of the main Portuguese clubs: FC Porto. The club has Dragão Stadium, Futebol Clube do Porto Museum , Dragão Arena and Loja Azul on the same avenue.

We suggest that you surprise your partner with the offer of an experience in the world of sports and FC Porto, a tour of the Stadium accompanied by a visit to the Museum, which was highlighted in the book Revisiting Museums of Influence - Four Decades of Innovation and Public Quality in European Museums as an influence for other museums in the world. You can enjoy a 10% discount on the purchase of the Tour FC Porto Museum + Estádio do Dragão when you purchase Porto.CARD.

For foodies

As a couple you love to enjoy a wonderful meal, with quality and authentic flavours of the destination? Porto is renowned for its delicious cuisine.

Why not offer your better half a meal at one of the Michelin-starred restaurants in the city?

In the Foz area, you will find the Pedro Lemos restaurant where you can taste traditional Portuguese flavours, recreated by the Chef. The restaurant is a Port Wine Ambassador, providing an excellent selection of this wine to accompany your meal.

In the coastal avenue and Boavista, you can enjoy a great meal of Antiqvvm, by the hands of Chef Vítor Matos. In addition to the menus available, the restaurant provides themed dinners to make your experience even more unforgettable.

For Nature admirers

Are you that couple that loves to travel and explore the beauty of the natural retreats of each destination? So, we have the ideal surprise to pamper your partner.

In Ribeira, you can embark on a unique journey and cross the Douro River in the comfort of a cruise. On this one-day trip, you will be amazed by the views of Nature that accompany the bed of the Douro, while going up the river to Pinhão, in Régua.

It is an experience of connection with Nature, full of calm and serenity that will make you fall in love with the wonderful Douro Valley.


In Porto there are thousands experiences to live and, to always remember, alongside someone you love the most. If you are looking for ideas or inspiration, offer Porto with love!

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    Last updated 2022-12-06

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