The Funicular dos Guindais closes next Wednesday, September 9th, for maintenance, related to the replacement of the brakes. It resumes operation on the following day, Thursday, at the usual time.

The service interruption takes place in only 24 hours and is justified by the need to repair the hydraulic power stations, which in the last few months have shown some signs of wear, as a result of being one of the most requested components of the funicular.

This wear does not compromise safety, but rather the funicular's operability.

In June 2019, the municipality decided to manage again the Funicular dos Guindais (previously granted concession to Metro do Porto) and the Lada Elevator, with the objective of fitting them into an integrated system of mechanized connections between the high and the low elevation of the Historic Centre, thus enhancing accessibility, mobility and maintain the residing population in these areas of the city.

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