Foz is the part of the city where the river Douro ends and the Atlantic ocean begins. It is characterized by a stretch of beautiful beaches lining the sea.

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Parque da Pasteleira
Parques e Jardins
Monumento a Raul Brandão
Estátuas, Esculturas e Fontes
Praia da Luz

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a renewed pleasure

Foz, located in the westernmost part of the city, stands out for its maritime fortresses, SEA LIFE Porto, Pergola’s Viewpoint, its gardens, shops and restaurants, as well as the City Park - the largest urban park in the country - and the Transparent Building. An excellent area for those who appreciate the contact with nature, a stroll along the Porto waterfront is always a renewed pleasure.

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    Last updated 2022-12-06

Getting Around


The bus is the easiest way to get to Foz. Lines 500 and 200 enables you to visit the most western part of the city at any time of the day. Ticket prices start at 1,20 €.

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Bicycle is an excellent alternative to walking along the marginal (riverfront avenue). It is possible to rent bicycles from 4 € for 2 hours or 11 € per day and thus enjoy the fresh sea air and the liveliness of the parks.

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A ride on the picturesque tram is always a good idea to get to know the city. You can start your itinerary in Passeio Alegre for a price from 3,50 €.

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On foot

Foz’s sea smell and green spaces urge for long walks in touch with Nature. While strolling along the marginal you can see the many attractions that the most western area of the city has to offer.

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