As of December 19th, four more establishments are part of the municipal programme “Porto de Tradição”: Padaria Formosa, Porto Meia Boutique, Chapelaria Centro da Moda and Padaria Oriental, thus joining the list of 107 spaces.

Padaria Formosa, located in Foz do Douro, is one of the oldest in Porto, with cakes and bread made in-house. Its origins are said to date back to 1875, where the Companhia Portuense de Panificação used to be located, at Rua de Gondarém, 362. In 1943 the bakery was bought by Manuel Ferreira, from Paredes, who gave it the name “Formosa”. It is still owned by the family, and is now a daughter of Manuel Ferreira, who continues the family business. It maintains the traditional making processes of some of the products, some of them baked in wood-fired oven.

Porto Meia Boutique was founded in 1936, remaining in the same location (Rua de Santa Catarina, 213) and maintaining its identity. Currently, it is characterised as a luxury "boutique", where clothes and accessories from world-renowned, original and quality brands are sold. The establishment is recognized for following trends and needs, of a “Premium” clientele of Porto residents and tourists, being a differentiating shop on the offer in the city throughout its existence.

Another recognised shop was Chapelaria Centro de Moda. Founded in 1897 by José Carvalho da Silva, it is currently located at Rua Nova de São Crispim, 237. The establishment has been linked to the Baião family since 1942, with the current owner, José Baião, succeeding his grandfather and father. The establishment sells headgear articles made in-house, both national and international.

The first records of the existence of a commercial establishment at Avenida Rodrigues de Freitas, 135-139, appear in 1926. Padaria Oriental has a manufacturing unit that operates in a space adjacent to the sales area, by making its own different varieties of bread and regional confectionery, according to traditional and handmade processes, baked in a wood-fired oven. Production is mainly intended for resale to restaurants and hotels. 

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