FITEI - Festival Internacional de Teatro de Expressão Ibérica will take to the stage, starting this Saturday. Until May 16th, there will be a total of 14 in-person performances and 10 online performances to watch, seven of them are world premieres and another seven are national premieres. The idea that unites them all is that of sustainability, not only environmental, but also political, individual, emotional, sexual and mental.

The biggest novelty in this year's edition is the launch of the FITEI DIGITAL platform, a pioneer in streaming platforms dedicated to theatre in Portugal, and which, in addition to the performances included in the festival's online programming, will make available several complementary contents.

The digital stage opens with “Estado Vegetal”, a “reflection on the ways of inhabiting the planet and the relationship with vegetal entities”, by Chilean playwright Manuela Infante. The political aspect comes with "Amarillo", from the Mexican theatre company Línea de Sombra, an approach to the physical and mental boundaries that separate Mexico from the United States.

Still online, it is possible to watch the work by Argentine Sergio Boris, who created “Artaud” from the letters by French writer Antonin Artaud to his psychiatrist, and also “O Dia da matança na história de Hamlet” by Bernard-Marie Koltés, directed by António Júlio for Teatro Experimental do Porto.

On the stage of Porto’s theatres - Rivoli . Municipal Theatre, Campo Alegre . Municipal Theatre, São João National Theatre, São Bento da Vitória Monastery, Carlos Alberto Theatre - TECA, Bonjóia Manor, Mala Voadora, Helena Sá e Costa Theatre (ESMAE), Cace Cultural do Porto (IEFP), Escola Superior Artística do Porto, and Armazém 22 - national performances go on.

Among the premieres, highlight for “Mappa Mundi” by Eduardo Breda and Joana de Verona, with contributions from “people in transit in an increasingly incomprehensible world”, “Maiakovski - Regresso do Futuro” by Igor Gandra, a co-production between Teatro do Ferro and Teatro de Marionetas do Porto, and Jorge de Andrade’s “InFausto” by Mala Voadora.

In addition to the performances, FITEI makes room for actors in training to learn and create. The section "O FITEI e as escolas do Porto" features performances by balleteatro, ESAP and ESMAE. At the same time as the festival, there are also in-person workshops and online masterclasses included in the segment “Isto não é uma escola FITEI”.

"FITEI Aberto" features book launches, talks (in person and online) and even concerts, all free of charge. The organiser highlights the workshop and performance of vocal and sound expression by Brazilian Marcela Lucatelli, in partnership with Matéria Prima, on May 15th, or the release of Favela’s album, in collaboration with Circolando and Criatório.

In addition to Porto, FITEI will take the theatre of Iberian expression to Matosinhos, Viana do Castelo, Vila Nova de Gaia and Viseu. The entire programming can be found on the festival's website.

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