The Ramalde Skate Park will be the stage of the debuting Liga Pro Skate, an annual circuit consisting of seven stages that intends to give a strong boost to the sport until the Olympic Games in Paris2024. The Porto stage from May 6th to 9th, will be the first to score for the world ranking. Registrations have already opened.

Federação de Patinagem de Portugal (FPP) will launch, next May, Liga Pro Skate, the first national circuit of this sport, which will be played over seven stages until October.

The goal is that this new competition will help Portugal to move from the current 350 federated athletes to around 10,000 at the time of the Paris2024 Olympic Games.

According to Paulo Ribeiro, national coordinator of the FPP’s Skate Technical Committee, “we hope to have 150 skaters in the opening event”, in Porto, but the goal is “to finish the season with 300 to 350 competitors”.

In an interview to the news agency Lusa, Paulo Ribeiro explained that this new circuit is part of an “ambitious skate development project, taking advantage of the synergy of Tokyo2020 and focused on Paris2024”.

The inaugural event will take place in Porto, from May 6th to 9th, at the Skate Park that opened just over a year ago in Parque Desportivo de Ramalde / INATEL.

The event will have a competition for the younger ones and another for those who compete for the world ranking and seek to be qualified for the Olympic Games.

Entries can only be made by federated athletes registered in FPP and must be formalised at

After Porto, Liga Pro Skate will still complete six more stages, respectively, in Aveiro (19 and 20 June), Almada (3 and 4 July), Cascais (17 and 18 July), Mealhada (11 and 12) September), Faro (25 and 26 September) and Lisbon (30 and 31 October).

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