On the afternoon of January 15th, new exhibitions and collections will be presented in different spaces of the Miguel Bombarda Art District.


At 4 pm next Saturday, Bombarda reopens to the public for the first cycle of Simultaneous Art Exhibition Openings in 2022, with new art in the galleries and also in the exhibition, commercial and alternative spaces on the district. Access is free.


The entertainment activities in the public space that usually accompany the Simultaneous Art Exhibition Openings are temporarily suspended, due to the pandemic situation.


List of participating galleries and exhibitions

Presentations in other spaces of the district:

  • Espaço Neblina - Maria Oliveira and Marta Ramos, "Poço", exhibition that closes the cycle "Era já ali e já era outra coisa", a project by Daniel Moreira and Rita Castro Neves;
  • Espaço Q / QuadraSoltas - Manuela Silva, Mavilde Gonçalves and Raquel Quelhas, “Entrespaços”;
  • Galeria Tiê - Bira Dantas, an exhibition of caricatures of Brazilian musicians;
  • Galeria Cruzes Canhoto - "Um Natal dos Diabos";
  • Tumboa Gallery - "Incursões da figuração humana";
  • Tincal lab - "(in)SIDE EFFECT", group jewellery exhibition;
  • CRU Creative Hub - Francisca Sousa Soares, ‘Paisagem Memória', photography exhibition curated by Rossana Mendes Fonseca;
  • ROSA ET AL Townhouse - Maria Vittoria Trovato, "Chimneys Were The First Skyscrapers Of Kranj", documentary photography exhibition;
  • DaVinci art gallery - "Coletiva 22".

Mais artigos

  • Ágora - Cultura e Desporto do Porto

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