Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto (FIMP) is back in a particularly special year. From 9 to 18 October, it reaches ten venues for a total of 14 performances, with several absolute and national premieres included, and with the participation of six countries. In its 31st edition, puppets, objects and matter come to life and do it to put to test the "Human Limitations", the theme of the festival, which aims to challenge the audiences to think about the material world from a different perspective, says the organiser.

Rivoli . Municipal Theatre and Campo Alegre . Municipal Theatre, Helena Sá e Costa Theatre (ESMAE), Palácio do Bolhão | ACE Teatro do Bolhão, Metro do Porto, Mira Fórum, Teatro de Ferro and Círculo Católico dos Operários do Porto and, for the first time, Cineteatro Constantino Nery, in Matosinhos, are the stages that will host the 2020 edition of FIMP, which proposes to explore speeches and thoughts on science and politics, with a programme that also includes a 'concert-performance', three online workshops and two masterclasses.

In a festival that will also give room for absolute premieres, training, showcases of works in progress and even some surprises, in addition to Portugal, five more countries join the programme, namely Holland, Cape Verde, Belgium, France, Spain, for a total of 25 presentations.

"This is an edition marked by the surge of a virus [Covid-19] that apparently is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. For this reason, we try as much as possible to maintain the programme initially planned. This way, we are keeping our commitments with the artists, the teams, our partner institutions and of course, the audiences", stressed the artistic director of the festival, Igor Gandra, quotes Agência Lusa, reiterating the words he wrote in this edition's presentation text.

FIMP will open on October 9th with "Kamp", a performance by the Dutch, Hotel Modern, which the artistic director of FIMP describes as "impressive" and current in view of the "frightening growth of extremist and racist tendencies that we must be very aware of". On stage, he described at the press conference there will be a "huge" model, representing the Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, with overcrowded barracks and thousands of seven-centimetre puppets, representing the prisoners and their executioners.

The closing honours of the festival will be given to the production from Belgium, "Cratère 6899" by Gwendoline Robin, "a breach" that takes the audience to the origins of the world, when comets collided with the earth, says Igor Gandra, quoted by the same source.

From the programme also stands out the performances "Bad Translation" by Cris Blanco, Spain, "Uma Coisa Longínqua" by Teatro de Ferro & Carlos Guedes, "O Fim do Fim" by Alma d'Arame & Companhia João Garcia Miguel, and "Lições de Voo" by Teatro de Marionetas do Porto.

At the press conference, the artistic director acknowledged that, given the current circumstances, it was not possible to develop the usual model in which students from artistic schools in Porto were included into the life of the festival, having chosen to create moments of close contact with the artists of this edition.

With support from Porto City Hall, the Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto (FIMP) which involves the work of more than 200 people, will see half of its shows go up on the stage of Teatro Municipal do Porto (TMP) and, as with the programming of this venue, the occupancy capacity of the auditoriums will be limited to 50%, complying with the rules by Direção-Geral da Saúde (General Directorate of Health), guaranteed Tiago Guedes, artistic director of TMP.

More info: FIMP 2020

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