Discover Porto

With the variety of resources available Porto conquers all its visitors, from those who want it for its history and authenticity, to the ones who seek to explore a new, more cosmopolitan and contemporary city. Discovering Porto means discovering what makes it different:

  • The famous Port Wine, available at the cellars, wine shops, the museum and bars, to be tasted and to get to know its history
  • An Historical Centre designated World Cultural Heritage, by UNESCO, since December 1996, gathering a vast heritage to be visited, known for its narrow streets, its granite buildings and the unique setting of the colourful houses by the river
  • Museums with varied themes, such as transports, history, art, communication and sciences
  • Churches with their interior covered by magnificent gilt carving, classified monuments and beautiful tile panels
  • Buildings designed by renowned national and international contemporary architects
  • A privileged location by the river and the sea, ideal for nautical tourism, pleasant walks or bike rides along the riverside and the seaside, and relaxing moments at delightful terraces
  • Enchanting parks and gardens, romantic and bucolic, perfect for a break or for special family moments
  • The possibility of getting to know the city on foot, by bus, tram or any other classical or more innovative way
  • Classical and timeless cafés, inviting you to a joyful gathering, and modern and cosmopolitan bars, with music for all tastes
  • Traditional commerce, alternative shops, fashion boutiques by national and international designers, and also modern shopping centres
  • Typical Portuguese cuisine restaurants, and restaurants serving many other types of cuisine, along with the opportunity to try the recipes of renowned chefs, served in excellent places
  • A public transportation system that allows you to easily move around the city
  • A regular cultural and leisure events programme, both national and international, taking place in prestigious entertainment venues and on the grand stage – the city itself
  • The annual and great City Festivities – Porto’s São João, celebrated by all people

And, of course, accommodation offers for varied prices and meeting the expectations of the most demanding clients, a vast set of quality services and nice and welcoming people awaiting you.

Porto gives you a bit of everything. Give it a try!

If you have little time, walk through the city, departing from Avenida dos Aliados. 

Visit the Bolhão Market and Rua de Santa Catarina, the city’s main commercial street. 

Walk through the Historical Centre, admiring the tiles in the S. Bento Railway Station, the Cathedral, and take a look at a book in the beautiful Lello Bookshop. 

Be amazed by the panoramic view from the Tower of Clérigos. 

Admire the baroque gilt carving in the Church of S. Francisco and the fantastic Arabian Room, in the Stock Exchange Palace. 

Explore the narrow streets of Ribeira, designated World Heritage and city’s postcard. 

End your day visiting a Port Wine Cellar, on the other side of the river, but begin your night in one of the several available restaurants at Ribeira or in the City Centre. 

After dinner, you’ll find multiple entertainment offers, such as venues with live music or different kinds of shows, namely in the City Centre or the Historical Centre. 

But if you have the time, prolong your stay and visit other attractions in the city, as the Soares dos Reis National Museum, the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal, Casa da Música, the Serralves Contemporary Art Museum, and the Sea Life. 

Don’t miss a tram ride along the riverside and an inspiring sunset, quietly sitting at a terrace by the sea. 

Discover Porto… we await you!

A  great part of the accommodation available is located in the areas of Boavista and the City Centre. In the Boavista area, although not so close from the city centre, you will find different kinds of accommodation, with special mention to a set of high quality hotels. But if you wish to get to know the city on foot, you should choose to stay in the City Centre, a few minutes away from the main attractions.

For those looking for more typical and traditional scenarios, we recommend the Historical Centre.

But if you enjoy staying by the sea, take a look at the Foz area.

However, from any other area in the city you’ll be able to get quickly and easily to the city centre, thanks to an efficient transports system. 

Porto presents a great variety of accommodation offers: ⭐ to ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ hotels, some belonging to the most renowned international chains, a Pousada de Portugalguest houseshostelslocal accommodation facilities, apartments and a youth hostel.

Porto is known for its extensive shopping opportunities which bring shoppers in from the suburbs and outlying regions.

In the City Centre you will find the busiest traditional commerce streets.

Along the Avenida da Boavista, and in Foz, you will find some of the best known international brand stores, with their select and exclusive offer. 

As an alternative to shopping outdoors, the city can also offer a number of shopping centres, located in the city’s central area mentioned above, in

Boavista and in the city’s growth areas, such as the easternmost zone of the famous Dragão Stadium.

In the outlying areas of the city there are a number of large-scale retail centres where you can buy all sorts of products, find numerous brands and shop to suit all budgets. There are also good transport links from the city centre. 

Every day new shopping opportunities are born, from the second-hand store in which the dedicated owner has breathed new life to a product, preserving it in its original form or dressing it up in more modern clothes, to the one-off products turned out by the new wave creative industries. In different parts of the city, these new ventures have sprung up and then coalesced into a number of areas that deserve special mention, such as the Miguel Bombarda quarter, the area around Clérigos, Carmo and Rua do Almada, Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, Rua das Flores and Rua do Infante D. Henrique.

These days, it is a good idea to look carefully where you are going as you are likely to stumble across something curious and refreshingly new. 

So you already know; everything you are looking for, Porto’s got it. If Porto hasn’t got it ... it doesn’t exist!

Come what may, whatever the weather and whoever you come with, there is always a way to get to know the ins and outs of the city.

The pedestrian walks are the best way of getting to know the city’s more traditional streets. They let you discover picturesque corners, capture details and curiosities, admire great artistic and architectural symbols and experience characteristic flavours, bringing you into contact with the people and their generous welcome.

On a Segway or a bicycle, enjoy the pleasure of being close to the city on a mode of transport that allows you to explore the historic centre or broaden your trip out along the Porto riverside and seafront, from the Ribeira to the City Park.

You can also trundle through a good part of the historical centre and the city centre on a mini-train, comfortably taking in many of the more emblematic sights in these important city areas. 

Trams 1, 18 and 22 run throughout the city centre and the riverside, combining the wealth of sights along the way with the opportunity to travel in such a traditional vehicle.

A trip on the open-top buses allows you to get to know all the loveliest spots in the city of Porto. You can hop off and visit something and then hop back on again to enjoy the panorama of monuments, viewpoints, parks, beaches and the riverside.

Seen from the river, the city of Porto rises in all its architectural glory. It is a glittering backdrop, unique in the world; one that a Bridges cruise effortlessly unveils. However, Douro cruises are not just confined to the city limits, the river is there to be explored on various types of boats, on voyages that last from half a day to eight days.

Luxury sail and motor yachts are another way to discover the secrets of this city and its river.

For those who like to do something new, a trip up the Douro on a semi-inflatable offers a different kind of experience, linking the Mouth of the Douro with the Freixo Palace and allowing you to stop and enjoy the most fascinating spots along the way.

There is also jet boating, offering not just the tourist experience but adventure as well, with its spectacular emotions and moments for you to both live and remember.

Finally, surrender to the beauty of the ‘unvanquished’ city and enjoy Porto from the air on an unforgettable helicopter trip.

At night, we like to have a good time in good company, and Porto offers just the right places for this.

From the small ‘tasca’ to the highly-refined restaurant, for traditional cooking or signature cuisine, Porto serves up a huge platter of flavours and ambiences, capable of satisfying the most demanding of tastes, from the more traditional to the boldest offerings, for young people of all ages, afterhours included.

There are places which are welcoming and intimate, or more modern ones, with innovative and open-minded concepts, spaces with spaces within, where an assortment of cultures and arts live side-by-side, showing off the creativity and irreverence of the city’s young creators. There are places with open-air spaces, art galleries, shops, stages for theatre performances and presentations and cool spaces, with alternative sound and retro ambience.

In the city centre, old warehouses, townhouses and historic buildings have been restored and transformed into highly original settings featuring live music or top DJs from the national and international music scene. Bars, cafés and entertainment venues can be found mainly in the areas around Carmo, Clérigos and Passos Manuel, but some discos are located in Porto’s industrial area. 

In the historical centre Porto’s cultural life is now shaken up by the brand new Hard Club, two steps away from the well-known Ribeira.

Along the city’s waterfronts, esplanades and other entertainment opportunities are just inviting you to savour a delicious meal, stop for a relaxing drink or enjoy a lively night looking out over the Douro and the Atlantic, with an open-air stroll as a different kind of option. 

Night seems to never end in Porto!

Porto maintains a regular agenda of entertainment and events. Large concerts, street music and entertainment, theatre, art, alternative and street markets, major exhibitions and exciting sports events are some of this city’s many attractions. These activities – which combine tradition and modernity with a creative touch – make day-to-day life an intense and vivid feast to which everyone is invited.

Some events, as the simultaneous Miguel Bombarda’s art galleries inaugurations, outdoor concerts and some street markets happen regularly during the year and complete an intense and varied agenda.

Within the regular annual programme, special mention goes to:


  • New Year’s Eve on Avenida dos Aliados
  • New Year’s Concert - Casa da Música and Coliseu do Porto
  • Contemporary Art – Bombarda's Simultaneous New Art Exbition Openings


  • Essência do Vinho (Wine Event)
  • Fantasporto – Porto International Film Festival


  • Camellia Exhibition
  • Orchid Exhibition
  • National Historical Centres Day
  • Contemporary Art – Bombarda's Simultaneous New Art Exbition Openings
  • Portugal Fashion


  • Easter
  • International Day for Monuments and Sites


  • Queima das Fitas (University Students’ Festival)
  • International Museum Day
  • FITEI – International Festival of Iberian Expression Theatre (International Festival of Iberian-languages Theatre)
  • Woman’s running race
  • Contemporary Art – Bombarda's Simultaneous New Art Exbition Openings
  • Serralves em Festa (cultural event)


  • São João Festivities
  • NOS Primavera Sound
  • São João Run
  • Concertos na Avenida (concerts in the Avenue)
  • Contemporary Art – Bombarda's Simultaneous New Art Exbition Openings
  • Porto Cartoon World Festival


  • Jazz in the Park
  • Lazy Sessions at Virtudes
  • Porto Sunday Sessions


  • Porta Jazz ao Relento (jazz outdoors)
  • Cinema fora Sítio (cinema outdoors)
  • Festival Varandas (balconies festival)
  • Ao Gosto do Porto (gastronomy festival)


  • Contemporary Art – Bombarda's Simultaneous New Art Exbition Openings
  • Porto Half-Marathon
  • Book Fair
  • Concertos na Avenida (cobcerts in the Avenue)
  • Porto Fashion Week
  • Noites Ritual (music festival)
  • Francesinha na Baixa (francesinha in Porto's City centre)
  • Autumn Festival in Serralves


  • Porto Fashion Week
  • Portugal Fashion
  • Festival Internacional de Marionetas (International Puppet Festival)


  • Contemporary Art – Bombarda's Simultaneous New Art Exbition Openings
  • Porto Marathon


  • Feira de Artesanato (Christmas Craft fair)
  • Natal na Baixa (Christmas in the City Centre)
  • São Silvestre Run

You can see photos from Porto at https://www.flickr.com/photos/visitporto/

Usual opening hours for shops, restaurants and public services:

  • Banks: Monday to Friday - 08:30am/3pm
  • Street commerce: Monday to Friday - 9am or 10am/7pm. Some shops open on Saturday all day.
  • Shopping Centres: Daily - 10am/12am
  • Restaurants: Lunch - 12am/3pm, Dinner 7pm/10pm
  • Pharmacies: Monday to Friday - 9am/7pm; 9am/1pm Saturday. Rotas for 24 hour pharmacy service displayed at all pharmacies.
  • Most museums in the city are closed on Monday. If you want to visit a museum on this day, make sure it is open.

Turismo do Porto has several face-to-face tourist information offices.

Here you will find a young and experienced team that will help you to know everything about the city and to feel like a true Portuense (native of Porto). In addition to the tourist information available with the best tips, you can buy tickets to several attractions in Porto, Douro and Northern Portugal. You can also buy various promotional items "Porto." and Porto.CARD.​

Tourism Office - Centre

  • Address: Rua Clube dos Fenianos, 25 - 4000-172 Porto 
  • GPS: Lat 41.150175   Long -8.611200
  • Tel. +351 93 555 7024 / +351 22 332 6751
  • WhatsApp: +351 938 668 462 / +351 932 316 542
  • E-mail: info@visitportoandnorth.travel
  • Contact Us: https://visitporto.travel/contact-us
  • Opening hours:
  • Daily: 9am-7pm

Porto Welcome Center

  • Adress: Praça Almeida Garret, 27
  • GPS: Lat 41.1455093 Long -8.6111187
  • Tel. +351 93557024
  • Whatsapp +351 938668462
  • Opening hours:
  • Daily: 9am-7pm

iPoint Aliados

  • Address: Rua Sampaio Bruno w/ Praça da Liberdade (Kiosk)
  • GPS: Lat 41.146830 Long -8.610920
  • Tel. +351 93 555 7024 / +351 22 332 6751
  • WhatsApp: +351 938 668 462 / +351 932 316 542
  • Contact Us: https://visitporto.travel/contact-us
  • Opening hours:
  • Daily 9am - 5:30pm

iPoint Campanhã - closed in order to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak.

  • Address: Campanhã Railway Station (ticket offices)
  • GPS: Lat 41.148793 Long -8.585853
  • Tel. +351 93 555 7024 / +351 22 332 6751
  • WhatsApp: +351 938 668 462 / +351 932 316 542
  • Contact Us: https://visitporto.travel/contact-us
  • Opening hours:
  • Jun-Sep daily 9:30am - 1:30pm/2:30pm - 6:30pm

iPoint Ribeira - closed in order to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak.

  • Address: Praça da Ribeira
  • GPS: Lat 41.140467 Long -8.612793
  • Tel. +351 93 555 7024 / +351 22 332 6751
  • WhatsApp: +351 938 668 462 / +351 932 316 542
  • Contact Us: https://visitporto.travel/contact-us
  • Opening hours:
  • Apr-Oct daily 10am - 7pm

Note: Make sure you go to one of the official Porto Tourism Offices. There are many privately-owned touristic sale points spread throughout the city, which can easily be mistaken for the official ones!

You can lock your luggage at the Porto airport and in several places in the city, namely metro and train stations (the information listed here under may be changed by the respective entities. Please confirm it before using the lockers).

  • Campanhã and S. Bento Train Stations – Luggage lockers
  • Maximum use period - 24h
  • Lockers available during the train stations opening hours.


Cartão desconto que permite grandes poupanças na visita à cidade:

  • entradas gratuitas em 7 museus;
  • 50% de desconto em 14 museus e monumentos;
  • 20% de desconto na Fundação de Serralves;
  • desconto até 20% em 23 restaurantes
  • 30% desconto no SEA LIFE e até 25% no autocarro panorâmico
  • desconto até 20% em mais de 50 circuitos turísticos no Porto e Norte de Portugal
  • descontos em mais de 100 locais de interesse: cruzeiros, caves, lojas, restaurantes, noite e espetáculos, bem como viagens ilimitadas nos operadores integrados na rede intermodal Andante: metro, autocarros, comboios.
  • Não inclui Eléctrico e dá acesso a uma viagem no Funicular.

O cartão está disponível em oito modalidades:



  • 1 dia - 6€​
  • 2 dias – 10€
  • 3 dias – 13€ 
  • 4 dias - 15€ ​

Modalidades com título de transporte:

  • 1 dia - 13€
  • 2 dias - 20€
  • 3 dias - 25€
  • 4 dias - 33€

Poderá adquiri-lo online, nos Postos de Turismo do Porto e no Aeroporto do Porto.

Porto.CARD: a melhor maneira de conhecer o melhor do Porto! Conheça mais, poupe mais!

Pode comprar o Porto.CARD presencialmente nos Postos de Turismo e em vários locais.

Conheça todos os pontos de venda em:

Pode ainda comprar online. Selecione a modalidade que pretende em:

Ao comprar o seu Porto.CARD num dos Postos de Turismo pode pagar em dinheiro, cartão de crédito ou cartão de débito, de acordo com as modalidades disponíveis em cada local de venda. Se optar pelo Porto.CARD online o modo de pagamento é através do PayPal.

​​Depois de chegar ao Porto, dirija-se a um dos vários Postos Oficiais de Turismo, ou então à Loja interativa do Aeroporto.

​O Porto.CARD inclui um cartão para os descontos e entradas gratuitas, que ficará ativo após inscrição da data e a hora do início em que pretende começar a utilizar o cartão. Basta mostrá-lo nas entidades para beneficiar de todas as vantagens.

Nas modalidades com transporte público, o cartão de transportes Andante Tour é ativado assim que o validar nas máquinas existentes nas estações ou a bordo dos transportes. É obrigatório validar sempre ao iniciar uma viagem, quando muda de linha ou de transporte.

No caso do Porto.CARD de 2 dias (48 horas) sugere-se que mantenha os dois títulos de transporte separados, ou assinale a caneta (dia 1 e dia 2), para não haver dúvidas do título de transporte que já foi validado.

O Porto.CARD é válido por 1 dia (24 horas), 2 dias (48 horas), 3 dias (72 horas) e 4 dias (96 horas).

Infelizmente, não podemos reembolsar ou substituir a perda ou furto do Porto.CARD.

Não é possível obter um reembolso para um Porto.CARD não utilizado.

Não é possível obter um reembolso para um Porto.CARD não utilizado.

Não, depois de preenchido com a data o Porto.CARD não pode ser alterado. O cartão rasurado não é aceite pelas entidades que oferecem entradas gratuitas ou descontos.

Não, o Elétrico e o Funicular não são considerados transportes públicos.  Com o Porto.CARD terá direito a um desconto de 25% no Funicular em 1 viagem.

Para ficar a conhecer todas as vantagens clique aqui

Com o Porto.CARD recebe para além do cartão o mapa oficial da cidade e um guia com informações detalhadas sobre cada oferta e transportes.

​Para usufruir de qualquer uma das entradas gratuitas ou descontos incluídos no Porto.CARD, basta mostrar o seu cartão quando comprar o bilhete de entrada ou os produtos. Refira antes de pedir a conta que possui o Porto.CARD, sobretudo nos restaurantes.

Até aos 4 anos não se justifica uma vez que a maioria das atividades é de acesso gratuito. A partir dos 5 anos depende das atividades que fizer com as crianças. Muitos museus já oferecem entrada gratuita ou descontos especiais para criança. Informe-se antes da visita. O Porto.CARD é vantajoso para crianças, sobretudo se pretender fazer circuitos turísticos ou aceder a parques temáticos. Nos transportes públicos a partir dos 4 anos as crianças pagam o mesmo que os adultos nos títulos de transporte diários, pelo que poderá justificar a compra do cartão para crianças a partir dessa idade.

​Muitos museus e atrações já oferecem descontos significativos para os idosos (65+) No entanto, se pretender fazer circuitos e compras ou ir a restaurantes, o Porto.CARD proporciona-lhe uma poupança considerável.

Da mesma forma, dado que nos transportes públicos o público sénior não tem qualquer desconto com o Andante Tour, terá toda a vantagem em adquirir o Porto.CARD.

​O Porto.CARD foi concebido para o cliente individual. No entanto, se encomendar um número igual ou superior a 20 cartões, usufrui de um desconto de 10% sobre o respetivo valor, sem IVA. Este desconto apenas é possível obter presencialmente nos postos de turismo ou quando efetuado a partir do info@visitportoandnorth.travel

​Cada oferta e cada desconto do Porto.CARD só podem ser usufruídos, no geral, uma única vez. No entanto, há alguns restaurantes e lojas que aceitam conceder o desconto mais do que uma vez. Pergunte diretamente nos locais se pode voltar a usufruir do desconto Porto.CARD.

Durante o período de validade do cartão, pode utilizar o seu cartão de transporte de forma ilimitada. Mas não se esqueça: é obrigatório validar o seu título de transporte sempre que inicia uma viagem, bem como quando muda de linha ou de transporte.

Sim. O cartão de descontos pode ser utilizado a partir do momento em que coloca a data e hora e o título de transporte a partir da sua ativação, numa das máquinas de validação nas estações de metro ou no interior dos transportes.

Não, o Porto.CARD é estritamente para uso pessoal do seu portador. Após a primeira utilização o cartão não pode ser partilhado ou transferido para outra pessoa.

No caso do bem ou serviço que o portador do cartão quer adquirir estar já a beneficiar de saldos, promoções ou descontos especiais a entidade não é obrigada a efetuar o desconto Porto.CARD. Compete à entidade decidir se outros cartões, vales ou descontos cumulam com o desconto do Porto.CARD.

​Não. A cada despesa faturada apenas será aplicável o desconto de um cartão.

Não. Para usufruir do desconto deverá dirigir-se a um dos Postos Oficiais de Turismo.


There are several ways of getting from the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport to the city centre. here are several ways of getting from the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport to the city centre.

The quickest ways is, undoubtedly, by metro - line E - Violet (Aeroporto – Estádio do Dragão). - line E-Violet (Aeroporto – Estádio do Dragão). This line operates daily from 06:00 - 01:00 and from here, getting to the city centre (either Trindade or Bolhão station) takes about 30 minutes.

The Andante ticket needed for this journey – blue Andante Card - can be purchased at any of the automatic ticket machines in the Metro station – occasional ticket (Z4 - 2.45€). The card is valid for 1 hour and 15 minutes and is also rechargeable. To get to the city centre by bus, you can take either line 601 or 602. In this case, you can buy a single trip ticket on the bus, costing 1.85€.

There are three shuttle services available, to and from the Airport. Two of them to and from the agreed hotel, according to a previous booking, the other one to and from the city centre (25min). In all cases, you must make your booking with the respective service operators:

  • Airportshuttle (Hotel-to-Hotel) – by e-mail at airportshuttle@100rumos.com or by tel. +351 960426692 – daily service from 04:30 to 19:30 – 6,00€/single trip
  • Goin’Porto – online, at www.goingporto.com – daily service from 04:30 to 01:00 – 6.00€/single trip, 8.00€/round trip
  • BUS4ALL (Airport/Hotel/Airport) – by e-mail at bus4all.porto@gmail.com or by tel. +351 961495847 – daily service, 24 hours – 6.00€/person, children aged up to 3 - free. Area covered: Porto, V.N.Gaia, Maia, Matosinhos and Gondomar.

If you choose the taxi, it will cost you approximately 20/25.00€. You also have a great variety of rental vehicles available.


The Andante is a ticket used for public means of transportation within the Porto Metropolitan Area, either by bus, metro, funicular or train. 

The Andante occasional ticket – blue Andante card (metro, funicular and STCP buses) can be purchased from the automatic ticket machines in the Metro stations and from the Tourism Office – Centre (25, Rua Clube dos Fenianos). This ticket is valid for the minimum of an hour and is rechargeable. The card costs 0.60€ and must be charged with the necessary amount for the required trip, depending on the number of zones covered (from Z2 to Z12). 

There are also the full day tickets, Andante Tour1 (24 hours – 7.00€) and Andante Tour 3 (3 hours – 15.00€) allowing unlimited travel within the card validity period, and available at the Trindade metro station and the S. Bento train station ticket offices and the Tourism Office - Centre. 

The Andante must be validated before every journey, after changing lines, vehicule or direction, and whatever ticket you are using. 

The same card cannot be used at the same time by more than one person in the same trip. 


STCP tickets (to be validated upon entering the bus) can be purchased from Payshop offices, train station ticket offices, post offices, Andante shops, automatic ticket machines and at the STCP or Andante service points. 


With the Porto Card, when using the modalities 1 day, 2 or 3 days, you are allowed unlimited access to public transportation (metro, bus, urban trains, funicular) during the card's validity period. You can purchase your Porto Card at the Tourism Offices and associate entities, several railway stations or at Espaço Cota – Cota Câmbios, in the public arrival hall of the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.

Porto has a public transport network that allows you to easily travel around the city and the region by bus, metro, tram, funicular and train, besides your own car or a rental vehicle. 


STCP buses operate: 

• Daytime service: 05:00 - 00:30 (Some lines only run until 21:00) 

• Night service (Lines 1M to 13M): 00:00 - 05:00 Some buses are already equipped with access platforms for people with reduced mobility. 

It is possible to get a Single Trip Ticket (Título Agente Único) in the bus (bought for that trip only) - 1.85€, and the Andante Tour 1 – 7.00€ - that allows you to travel on the Andante network for 24 consecutive hours after your first validation. The remaining Andante and STCP tickets must be bought before the trip. (check the FAQs for the answer to the question What kind of tickets do I need to travel in the city?) 


There are 3 lines operating: 

• 1 – Infante/Passeio Alegre 

• 18 – Massarelos/Carmo 

• 22 – Batalha/Carmo 

Timetables can be found at each stop. 

Single trip tickets can be bought in the tram at a cost of 2.50€. 

METRO (Metro do Porto) 

Running daily between 06:00 - 01:00, the Porto metro service has 6 lines that connect the outskirts of the city to the centre: 

• Line A (Blue) - Estádio do Dragão - Senhor de Matosinhos 

• Line B (Red) - Estádio do Dragão - Póvoa de Varzim 

• Line C (Green) - Campanhã - ISMAI 

• Line D (Yellow) - Hospital São João – D. João II 

• Line E (Violet) - Estádio do Dragão - Aeroporto 

• Line F (Orange) – Senhora da Hora – Fânzeres 

For information about the necessary tickets check the FAQs for the answer to the question What kind of tickets do I need to travel in the city? 

For further information check http://www.metrodoporto.pt/en/PageGen.aspx?SYS_PAGE_ID= 


Connects the Batalha area to the Ribeira area. 

• Jun to Sep – 08:00-22:00 (Sun to Wed) and 08:00-24:00 (Thur to Sat) 

• Oct to May – 08:00-20:00 (Sun to Thurs) and 8:00-24:00 (Fri and Sat)

You can travel with the Andante Tour and Andante (Z2) tickets, but the Andante ticket must be loaded in advance. A single trip can be purchased on site - 2.50€. 


Available 24 hours a day from clearly signposted taxi ranks throughout the city or by phone. 

Most taxis have a capacity of 4 passengers, however there are also 8 passenger taxis available. 

Every taxi has a meter indicating the cost of your journey which is to be paid at the end of the trip. The receipt is compulsory. Tariff charges are posted on the window of the rear door, on the left side of the taxi. 


Cruises on the Douro – a sightseeing tour option for those who want to discover the city and the Douro region. 

Rio Douro Crossing – Lordelo do Ouro/Afurada 

Crossing the river Douro between Cais do Ouro (near the Arrábida bridge), in Porto, and Afurada, in Vila Nova de Gaia: 

• Operates every 15 mins from 07:00 - 21:30. 

• Tickets cost 1€ and can be purchased on the boat. 


You can rent a car at the airport or at various places throughout the city. 

Typical rental requirements: Aged over 21 or 25, driving for at least 1-3 years, full driver's licence, Identification card/Passport and credit card. 


Two cycle lanes run in the city: one of them along the river bank and seashore, from the Luís I Bridge to Matosinhos, and a second one, not so close to the river/sea, linking the Fluvial area to the sea, through the Pasteleira Park and the City Park. Bikes can be rented at various points throughout the city. 


Parking charges apply on most streets, especially in the city centre (1.00€/hour), as well as in private and public car-parks.


The Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport located 11km from Porto operates regularly with 14 different airlines to 64 destinations. 

• For further information go to ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal’s website - www.aeroportodoporto.com.pt


The Leixões Port is located a few kilometers from Porto and receives cruise vessels from various parts of the world. 

• For further information on cruises, check the APDL – Administração dos Portos do Douro e Leixões’s website at https://www.apdl.pt/dinamicruzeiros/passageiros.php 

Porto also has a few marinas for those who enjoy sailing: the Freixo Marina, in the Freixo area, and the Porto Atlântico Marina, in Leixões, outside the city. 

Cruises on the river Douro are a fine option for those who want to discover the city and the Douro region. 

TRAIN (CP- Comboios de Portugal) 

Porto is served by international trains, Alfa Pendular (high-speed train), intercity, inter-regional, regional and urban trains, connecting the city to several destinations inside and outside the country. 

CP´s urban trains allow you to travel to nearby towns, such as Vila Nova de Gaia, Espinho, Guimarães, Braga, Viana do Castelo and Aveiro. Train tickets must always be purchased before your journey, from sales points or automatic ticket machines. 

• For further information check the CP – Comboios de Portugal’s website at http://www.cp.pt/cp/displayPage.do?vgnextoid=4696d5abe2a74010VgnVCM1000007b01a8c0RCRD&lang=en 


You can easily travel to/from Porto from/to any point in the country or in Europe using the specialized services of road transport companies, guaranteeing regular connections between cities, departing from different locations in the city, according to the destination. 


Porto has a privileged geographic location, complemented by a modern communications network. It's easy for anyone coming from Galicia, the Algarve, Lisbon, Coimbra or from any other point in the country to arrive comfortably to the city and equally as easy to travel to any of these destinations. By car, you can get to Porto from Galicia in around to 2 hours and travel to the Algarve in approximately 5 hours. 

The city has access to various highways: A1 Lisbon, linking to the Algarve; A3 Valença (Minho), linking to Galicia; A4 Amarante (Trás-os-Montes), linking to Bragança; A28 (Porto - Cerveira) and A29 (Porto - Aveiro/Cantanhede).

The EASYToll system is a new solution for automatic payment of electronic tolls, for tourists and immigrants, with the association of a credit card (Mastercard and Visa) to the license plate of the vehicle. Without leaving the vehicle, the driver enters the credit card in the payment terminal and the system automatically associates the vehicle's license plate to the bankcard. The tolls rates owed are directly debited to the account associated with the card.

At the time of accession, valid for 30 days, a ticket is issued as proof and must be kept. The driver is always able to change license plates or cancel the membership, through the Call Center 707 500 501 (National) or 00 351 2128 79 555 (from abroad) or www.portugaltolls.com. Sign up at the Welcome Points located at the border posts at the following locations:

  • EN13 – Vila Nova de Cerveira
  • A24 - Chaves
  • A25 – Vilar Formoso
  • A22 – Vila Real de Santo António

Rented vehicles must have the DECP (electronic device), and the car rental agency must establish with their clients a way of payment for the electronic tolls.

Further information at: