Facebook has released a guide of Porto’s communities. These are recommendations from 22 communities present in this social media, which selected how and where to travel the city.

The Porto Guide is based on Facebook Pages and Groups dedicated to each specific topic, in a wide variety such as cuisine or philosophy, among others.

This guide has the support of the municipality and is already the second of its kind released by the social media, after the first one focused on Lisbon, celebrating the communities with stories of the people we see daily travelling around the city, who join other people from Porto on Facebook to share common interests and meet in person.

These communities are part of the more than 1.4 billion people who use Facebook Groups each month and connect to share interests and concerns, seek out support for causes and be part of activities that have a really positive impact on our lives.

As Porto at a particular buzzing point, a tourist spot acclaimed all over the world and at the same time a space with a complex social and urban history, this dichotomy present in everyday life is reflected on the new Guide, which features both the communities fervently dedicated to the city's forgotten history and those looking for new spaces that are changing the city's landscape. This guide aims to show Porto through experience, divided between past and future, a modern perspective of the city as well as the historical context.

The Porto Guide gathers some of the best tips and recommendations to get to know the best kept secrets of the city. It has been developed with unique and inspiring content by those who know it best, the local Facebook communities themselves, and is intended both for anyone who is from Porto, and those who are visiting or want to move to the city.

The Porto Guide is available at cityguides.fb and at various tourist spots in the city. It can also be downloaded here.

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