Source: Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR, CC BY-NC-ND - Alguns Direitos Reservados

Enjoy Porto

Women in the History of Porto

On International Women's Day we remember the history of women who left a mark in the city of Porto!

Nature Porto-style

Do you like to visit cities where you can explore places connected to nature? Porto offers an almost perfect symbiosis between urban surroundings and green spaces, with a wide variety of gardens and parks to explore.

The 120 years of the mother house of photography in Porto

Perhaps only the most curious looks of those who pass through Rua de Santa Catarina will notice the signature that the number 120 still bears.

Miragaia houses a triptych painted in the 16th century

The Church of São Pedro de Miragaia is home to what experts consider to be a remarkable 16th-century triptych. Great palaces are not needed to house great treasures.

Offer Porto with love

Do you like to surprise your better half with different and original gifts? Then, this article is perfect for you.

There is a place in Porto where puppets don't die

Porto Puppets Museum has celebrated its 8th anniversary, a milestone in the broader existence of Porto Puppet Theatre, a company that since 1988 has created dozens of shows.

Most romantic places in Porto

February is the month of love! In Porto, there are several places to discover with your better half and, at the same time, fall in love with the city.

The Perfect Combination: Street Art & Music by Carol Curry

We invited a Brazilian artist, who currently lives in Porto, to explore the city with us and to spend a different... day! We were looking for the perfect combination: Street Art and music with Carol Curry.

Visit Porto at home

Like much of the year 2020, the beginning of 2021 is time to stay at home.

Let's keep in touch!

Let's keep in touch! You can talk to us through Livechat, phone, whatsapp or email.

Hoping for a promising 2021

The original sentence dates back to 1972 and belongs to an illustration by Cruz Caldas eternalized in the daily paper “O Comércio do Porto” that year, but it fits so well in this 2020.

Best ingredients for Christmas dinner by Ione Omena

In this special season, we decided to invite a Brazilian influencer, who lives in Porto, to explore the city with us and spend a different... day! We went looking for the best ingredients for Christmas dinner with Ione Omena.

Portugese Way via Braga

Widely used road until the first quarter of the 14th century, when Barcelos bridge is built an the Ponte de Lima bridge is renovated.

The railway bridge that was crossed for the first time by a woman on foot

143 years have passed since the inauguration of the D. Maria Pia railway bridge, a moment that marked the effective completion of the connection, by train, between Lisbon and Porto.

Christmas shopping in Porto

Are you visiting Porto this Christmas season? Why not take this chance to do some of your Christmas shopping in the Invicta city?

Central or Main Portuguese Way

This is the most important Portuguese Way of St. James and was regularly travelled, from the 14th century, by common pilgrims as well as high dignitaries of the clergy and nobility.

Christmas Porto style

Porto lives and breathes the Christmas spirit in all its splendour during the last month of the year.

Casa da Música in Porto: Music and Architecture

Music is for everyone and so is this House.