Street art installation to promote commercial attractiveness and services.

Within the scope of actions to promote and bring proximity to street, local and traditional retail in the city, the Porto City Council is running until 30 September the Artistic Installation “Chromatic Emotions”, in Praça do Marquês de Pombal and in the respective adjacent streets: Rua João Pedro Ribeiro, Rua do Bonjardim, Rua de Santa Catarina, Rua Latino Coelho, Rua da Constitution, Rua de Costa Cabral and Rua Lindo do Vale.

"CHROMATIC EMOTIONS" is an artistic installation that aims to promote, make known and enhance the proximity trade in that area. It is composed of several works of art representative of the senses that use colors as a means to enhance the HUMAN EMOTIONS that connect us and that make us unique and authentic, creating interactive and instagrammable scenarios.

Planned and created to take advantage of the natural elements of Praça do Marquês de Pombal, without damaging them, in the artistic installation “Chromatic Emotions” 6 areas can be seen, identified by colors, which invite you to enjoy the urban space:

• Green Zone - "Stop and Interact";
• Blue Zone - "Strong Emotions";
• Yellow Zone - "Generate Smiles and Joy";
• Zona Rosa - "Sounds and Happiness";
• Red Zone - "Passion";
• Orange Zone - "Energy and Adrenaline".

Bearing in mind that this is an artistic intervention created in harmony with the trees that have been part of the area for decades, special care was taken in the way the approximately 6000 meters of fabric and 3000 meters of sponge were applied, in order to guarantee air circulation and avoiding accumulations of moisture and lack of air in the trunks. In addition, the fabrics used also have a fire retardant treatment. All elements of this work are unique, as they were handcrafted by artisans, making the work sustainable, saving energy resources and contributing to sustainable development.
In the decoration of the adjacent streets that lead to the central point of this creation, water-based floor paints were used in order to protect the environment.

As a way of making the project more inclusive, as it is a color-based intervention, the ColorAdd symbology was integrated, allowing all color-blind visitors to have a broader and more complete understanding of the intervention proposal.

Throughout the city you will be able to find 25 interactive communication and dissemination points, called “Choca lá”, with exactly the same colors that are part of the artistic installation with the main purpose of attracting the public to the commercial area of ​​Praça do Marquês de Pombal and respective surrounding area, by reading the QR Code.


It is intended that this intervention will serve as an example to leverage and promote the commercial activity of the entire surrounding area, with great potential for economic growth, arousing in the public the desire to enjoy a unique shopping experience.
To this end, as a way of motivating the public to interact with the proximity trade that exists there, an interactive game was created, which aims to collect letters that form 5 words linked to emotions and street trading: AFFECTS | ENERGY | HARMONY | EMPATHY | EFFORT.

Just access the webapp (, only available for mobile phones, which can be read using the QR Code visible in the window of more than 100 participating stores, play, and, every week, the first five people completing two of these words win a gift that can be picked up at the premises of the Municipal Department of Economic Activities, located at Rua Antero de Quental, 367, 4050-057 Porto, on weekdays, between 9am and 5.30pm. Participate!


Date Date 31-07-2023
Date Time 08:00
Date Duration 15 hours
Date Location Marquês de Pombal Garden
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From July to September
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