Rei Édipo

Rei Édipo

In its production of Rei Édipo [Oedipus Rex], the SillySeason company uses the “western canon” of Sophocles’ Oedipal myth to build a bridge to contemporaneity. The present time is reinterpreted and rewritten through the exploration of several stages of recognition and its attendant ethical pathos. According to Harold Bloom, Oedipus is afflicted with a Hamlet complex, a pathology that consists in “thinking not too much but much too well”, acting as a sort of symbol for the distorted reality in which we live. Nowadays, thinking too well (i.e. rationally) has become an impossible task, due to both the overriding dystopia and the lack of tools that might filter the information we receive. In Rei Édipo, the myth appears – as a symbol of impossible judgement – immersed in twisted rhetoric, futurology, demagogy and mysticism, and factual truth cannot be known. SillySeason states: “This will be our tragedy.”
Rei Édipo - Event


Date Date 26-03-2023
Date Time 16:00
Date Duration 3 hours
Date Location São João National Theatre
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Target audience

Adultos (19-64)

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