Maura Airez

Maura Airez

Maura Airez's debut album had as its lead single "Fado Mãe", one of the iconic songs of Dulce Pontes' repertoire, an inspiration of the young fado singer. The album “21Maura” was released in the first quarter of 2021 and features two original tracks, in addition to songs by Amália Rodrigues like “Meu Amor é Marinheiro”. Maura Airez was “Prémio Revelação 2016” at the Caixa Alfama Festival and was nominated for the International Portuguese Music Awards in the “Fado Performance” category. She participated in the 1st edition of the Morocco Fado Festival, alongside Carminho and Luís Guerreiro, at NOS Alive and on the EDP Fado Café.
Maura Airez - Event


Date Date 20-09-2022
Date Time 19:30
Date Duration 1 hour
Date Location Casa da Música
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