Lente Feminina

Lente Feminina

The role of women, which for centuries was limited to the home or to monastic seclusion, took on a new prominence in the late 19th century and early 20th century when many paradigms were called into question, namely the emancipation of women and their involvement in various fields and activities of social life.

The political and social changes that followed the Second World War allowed profound transformations, namely the rejection of the stereotype of women as weak, passive and dependent beings. From the end of the 1970s, women's art - and women photographers in particular - began to be interpreted and valued, not only as an expression of uniqueness but also as a tool for deconstructing the "male gaze". In order to show this evolution, we highlight the social concerns of Doris Ulmann who portrayed African American workers in the plantations of southern USA or Edith Tudor Hart who, as a disciple of Bahaus, aimed to give art back a social mission.

With World War II, Margaret Bourke-White appears as the first female war correspondent, while Sabine Weiss Weber, in the 1950s, was considered the Grand Lady of humanist photography. In 1960, Vieira da Silva was portrayed by the Russian Ida Kar, who never managed to integrate into the increasingly commercial photographic environment of the 1960s. At the end of the century the range of women's photography widened: in the 1990s, we had Cristina Garcia Rodero's photographic record of Catholic gypsies, while, at the same time, the theatricality of the pictures by the poet-photographer Flor Garduño emerged.

In Portugal, Helena Almeida, one of the most prominent visual artists of the second half of the twentieth century, created a body of work that crosses disciplinary boundaries and questions the relationships between body, work and space.

This exhibition thus aims to pay tribute to the female photographers represented in the National Photography Collection (Coleção Nacional de Fotografia - Portugal), whose solo works have contributed to the excellence of photographic narrative and have broken with the preconceived concepts of a male-dominated profession.
Lente Feminina - Event Lente Feminina - Event


Date Date 05-03-2022
Date Time 15:00
Date Duration 4 hours
Date Location Centro Português de Fotografia
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