Fragmentary and unfinished, situated at the convergence of romanticism and social realism, Woyzeck is above all a manifesto in theatrical form that continues even today to identify strategies of perversion of human dignity. Opting for a strategy of denunciation, for an almost terrorist writing, Georg Büchner forces us to reflect on misery and pain as the founding cores of so-called democratic societies. Woyzeck is the most eloquent example of the “open drama” of early modern dramaturgy. One will never know what this play would have been if Büchner had not died prematurely, at the age of 23. Movable and glowing matter, like that of dreams, which dramatically configures a singular existence, that of the man Woyzeck, loser and alienated, criminal and proletarian, victim and guinea pig, rural and urban, restless being and slave-of-others. It is with this “Woyzeck wound”, the “open wound”, as Heiner Müller called it, that the directors and pedagogues Luísa Pinto and Roberto Merino build the show for the final year Theatre students at Escola Superior Artística do Porto.
Woyzeck - Event


Date Date 23-07-2021
Date Time 19:00
Date Duration 2 hours
Date Location São Bento da Vitória Monastery
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Target audience

Adultos (19-64),Séniores (>65)

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