91st Anniversary Teatro Rivoli

91st Anniversary Teatro Rivoli

The 91st anniversary of Teatro Rivoli will be celebrated from 18 to 22 January with the Portuguese premiere of “Mystery Sonatas/ for Rosa” by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker & Amandine Beyer/Rosas, Gli Incogniti; the celebration of 35 years of Teatro de Marionetas do Porto with “Como um carrossel”; the live act by the Brazilian duo Trypas Corassão; the concert by the quartet Máquina Magnética of Sonoscopia; and the launch of the 10th volume of Cadernos do Rivoli.

On the 20th and 21st, at 9:30 pm, the Grande Auditório hosts “Mystery Sonatas/ for Rosa”, a performance where music and geometry are intertwined through a symbol: the rose. Written around 1676, the Mystery Sonatas are a musical translation of the 15 sacred mysteries in the life of the Virgin Mary. A joint performance with Culturgest that hosts a play by choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, with musical direction by Amandine Beyer and the ensemble Gli Incogniti, on the 25th and 26th.

At the Pequeno Auditório, on the 21st and 22nd, at 4pm and 3pm, respectively, Teatro de Marionetas do Porto marks its 35th anniversary with “Como um carrossel”, which tells the story of a girl who grows in a kind of journey during the course of which many questions are raised and spur her relationship with the world. Written and staged by João Paulo Seara Cardoso, in 2006, it is based on the text “Como um Carrossel à Volta do Sol”. This new version features Portuguese sign language moments to reach more people.

On the 21st, at 6 pm, the 10th volume of Cadernos do Rivoli will be launched at Café Rivoli, focusing exclusively on dance and, for the first time, in a bilingual edition. How can dance be recorded, historiographied? Anyone who creates, thinks and writes about dance was invited to deconstruct the History(ies) of Dance.

From 11:30 pm on, the live act Trypas Corassão, by the Brazilian duo composed of Tita Maravilha and Cigarra, will start. An aesthetic and political project of hybrid creation between electronic music and performance. A hybrid and sensual event with music from Brazil and the world, from funk to jungle, chewing pop and (traditional) folk culture, historical samples, the overdramatic and the postromantic.

On Sunday, the 22nd, closing the 91st anniversary, at 5pm, Sonoscopia’s event, Máquina Magnética: a quartet in which the digital electronic music of the duo of Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela (also known as @c) meet Gustavo Costa’s customised percussion instruments and lighting and real-time video of Rodrigo Carvalho. On stage, musical perspectives that have as common point the experimentation and that renew the languages of the musical avant-garde, giving rise to a bright, intense, and invisibly expressive space.

The anniversary programme is completely free of charge, upon collecting the tickets (max. 2 per person) on the days of the performances, from 10 am, at the Rivoli ticket office or online.
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Date Date 18-01-2023 to 22-01-2023
Date Time 10:30
Date Duration 4 days
Date Location Rivoli . Municipal Theatre
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