“Uma Coisa Longínqua” by Teatro de Ferro, “Princesa Bruxa” by Ricardo Alves with Mariana Amorim, “Cortes do Porto” by Rui Catalão, “And so ...? The end!” by Mariana Tengner de Barros and “Memoratório… do usado e preservado Grupo Musical de Miragaia” by Confederação and Tânia Dinis will be the performances which will be on the new Cultura em Expansão’s website.

From now on, the municipal programme Cultura em Expansão gains a new online presence, continuing its mission to bring culture to all. In addition to having information on previous editions, by building a historical archive of the project and valuing the work undertaken by different players of the city of Porto over the past seven years, the new website will also serve as a platform for the dissemination of programming, online performances and other content.

Cultura em Expansão will thus make available a series of performances aimed at different audiences, presenting three performances initially scheduled for the year 2020, which did not happen as a result of the restrictions caused by the pandemic, as well as a revisit to “Cortes do Porto”, presented at Passos Manuel in December of last year, and the premiere of “Memoratório ... do usado e preservado Grupo Musical de Miragaia”, now adapted to an online format.

This new programmatic section begins with “Uma Coisa Longínqua”, created by Teatro de Ferro, and the children's play “Princesa Bruxa”, written and directed by Ricardo Alves and choreographed by Mariana Amorim. Both can be watched until April 20th and 11th, respectively.

From April 13th, the performances “Cortes do Porto” will be available, which is the result of the stage director’s residency Rui Catalão with residents of Campanhã, and “And so ...? The end!”, a contemporary dance solo by choreographer, dancer and performer Mariana Tengner de Barros. The second performance will remain online until April 20th.

Memoratório... do usado e preservado Grupo Musical de Miragaia”, a project around the history of the almost one-hundred-year-old Grupo Musical de Miragaia, developed by Confederação – a collective of theatrical research in partnership with Tânia Dinis, will be presented on three occasions on April 21st and 28th and May 5th.

Created in 2014 by Porto City Hall, Cultura em Expansão is an annual cultural and artistic promotion programme in the city, which materialises in a vast number of activities, free of charge, in the fields of music, theatre, cinema, dance and performance. The programming for 2021 was built together with the partner institutions Visões Úteis, Confederação, Teatro do Frio and Sonoscopia, for each of the four territories, Campanhã, Miragaia, Pasteleira and Bouça, respectively, and will be presented in mid-May, if the safety standards issued by the DGS (heath authority) at that time so allow, on a date to be announced soon.

In addition to the new website, all information about the project can be followed on Facebook and Instagram.

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