Ayom and Lucas Santtana, from Brazil, Bandé-Gamboa, from Guinea-Bissau, Lúcia de Carvalho, from France, Tanxungueiras, from Spain, and the Portuguese Lina_Raül Refree, Miroca Paris, O Gajo and Vitorino join the Womex 2021 line-up in Porto.

The organiser of Womex 2021, which will take place in Porto on 27-31 October, has just announced new names to add to those previously announced.

Thus, this year the event will feature performances by Ayom (Brazil), Bandé-Gamboa (Guinea-Bissau), Lúcia de Carvalho (France), Vitorino (Portugal), Miroca Paris (Portugal), Lucas Santtana (Brazil), Lina_Raül Refree (Portugal), Tanxungueiras (Spain) and O Gajo (Portugal).

All these names are part of the Lusofónica Stage, dedicated to projects from Portuguese-speaking countries.

WOMEX takes place for the first time in Portugal and will also feature conferences, film screenings and concerts. The list celebrates the musical diversity associated with the event, with a collection of artists from different styles that combine musical tradition and the latest artistic innovations.

On the event’s website you will find all information about the programme, participants and tickets.

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