The Ideal Clube de Fado, in the city of Porto, presents from this month of July, Portuguese Guitar Concerts: the first concert takes place on July 24, at 9 pm, with Ângelo Freire on Portuguese guitar and Carlos Manuel Proença on fado viola (two of the main names of these instruments), where the public will have the opportunity to listen to classical repertoire for Portuguese guitar by composers linked to fado. 

On July 24 and 25, there will also be a joint masterclass of Portuguese guitar and viola de fado with the two musicians.

Ângelo Freire is an outstanding and talented interpreter of the Portuguese guitar. In his career he has hundreds of concerts where he accompanied the greatest artists of the current fado, such as Ana Moura, Carlos do Carmo, Carminho, António Zambujo or Mariza. With them he played in the most prestigious halls in the world such as the Olympia, Carnegie Hall, Barbican Center, Royal Albert Hall or the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Carlos Manuel Proença has stood out in the fado universe as a viola interpreter. He has toured nationally and abroad in shows with big names such as Carlos do Carmo, Camané, Ana Moura, Aldina Duarte, Carminho, Helder Moutinho, Cristina Branco or Mísia.

Tickets are €15 and can be purchased on the website -

The concerts are at 9pm and there will be a glass of Port wine on offer.

At Ideal Clube de Fado the public can also attend poetry sessions sung in Traditional Fado, every last Wednesday of each month. Anyone who writes poetry can take part. Admission is free, and the aim is to recover the vital relationship between poets and fado singers. In these sessions, the way poetry relates to traditional Fado is shared, and those who bring poems, instead of reciting them, listen to the Fado singers.

The Ideal Clube de Fado, located at 32 Rua do Ateneu Comercial do Porto, is distinguished by its dedication to the preservation and dissemination of Traditional Fado. This style of fado, considered by some as pure fado, by others as the most authentic tradition of classical fado, is characterised by poetic freedom and musical improvisation. They are the only professional project in the country with this orientation, that of singing only Traditional Fado. 

Portuguese guitar concerts

24 July, 9 pm

Ângelo Freire | Carlos Manuel Proença

17 August, 9 pm

Henrique Fraga (specialising in the repertoire of Carlos Paredes and Artur Paredes)

21 September, 9 pm

Paulo Soares (one of the greatest authorities of the Coimbra style)

18 October, 9 pm

Luís Coelho (in a duo with piano, with his own compositions)

23 November, 9 pm

Miguel Amaral (with an eclectic repertoire)

December 14, 9 pm

Hugo Reis (presents "Tateabilidade", a cycle of his works, developed through the act of experimentation with the Portuguese guitar,

electronics, objects and the sense of touch, which proposes a less usual

meaning of the Portuguese guitar in relation to its use).

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