The Municipality of Porto is promoting an experimental project “Comércio Fora do Sítio” that takes place between July 10th and August 5th 2023.

It consists of the creation of unusual pairs, including shops recognised as “Porto de Tradição” and other street and neighbouring shops:

Pair 1: Livraria Moreira da Costa and Moreno Pharmacy

Pair 2: Santos & Irmãos and Ufalufa;

Pair 3. Casa Januário and Olá Breiner;

Pair 4: Alcino Silversmith Since 1902 – Workshop Store  and Araucana.

“ Porto de Tradição” is a local program run by the Municipality of Porto for the classification of “historic store”, to allow the creation of a distinctive identification which establishes the regime of recognition and protection of establishments and entities of historical, cultural or social interest.

The establishments carry out a temporary exchange of collections and/or products, which is reflected in the shop window of each shop, through an exhibition executed by professional shop window designers.

The result is an itinerary of 8 original and contrasting shop windows, which visitors can view and where they can check-in by reading a QR Code. Check-in at 1 or more pairs of stores that exchange within the scope of this project entitles you to exclusive offers.

Discover these pieces of history out of place!




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