Music, light and Pessoa’s poetry create a fantastic video mapping adventure in Clérigos.


"Spiritus" is the new attraction that the Church of Clérigos and the creative studio OCUBO are preparing for the church of Porto’s tallest attraction, Clérigos Tower, which gives visitors the choice of an explosive sensory discovery, an engaging show or a matter of questioning about the meaning of life. Or all of this and more, this being the first time that the Church of Clérigos hosts a video mapping show.


“Spiritus” draws on the poetic universe of Fernando Pessoa to build a narrative that summons the imaginary, spirituality and mindfulness in a sensory experience of light, colour and sound. With a deeply involving nature, this experience combines the respect for the seriousness of the temple with the grandeur of the monument and the admiration for the poetic work of one of the greatest figures of Portuguese literature. The poem "Afinal, a melhor maneira de viajar é sentir" ("After all, the best way to travel is to feel"), written by the heteronym Álvaro de Campos, is not analysed or dramatized here, serving instead as an inspiration for the interpretative journey that "Spiritus" proposes. This journey-adventure follows the poet's challenge to face God, "whoever he may be", as an excuse to glorify life and sensations, in a mixture of a pleasurable and contemplative experience.


"Spiritus" takes advantage of the atmosphere of peace and reflection that a temple provides to encourage living in the moment, here and now. It is an authentic ode to life, a poetry with melody, synchronicity and lightness, which intends to lead the visitor to try transcendence through experiences of harmony/disharmony that explore music, light, energy and colours to show that, after all, the cycle of life is an infinite pilgrimage.


The show will take place at Clérigos Tower, every day, from April 28th. Tickets are already on sale and prices vary between €10 and €14.

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