To celebrate the Day of Santiago, which is celebrated on July 25, the Municipality of Porto will promote a set of initiatives that highlight the historical and cultural importance of the Caminhos de Santiago. Among many activities, the program includes a special welcome to pilgrims, who will be in the city during that week, offering an opportunity to celebrate unity, spirituality and the encounter of different cultures.

The presence of the Councillor for Tourism and Internationalization, Catarina Santos Cunha, during these activities reiterates the municipality's commitment to support and value the Caminhos de Santiago in Porto.

Among the planned activities, the highlight is the blessing of pilgrims, which will take place, on the 25th, at 11 am, in the Cathedral of Porto, integrated in the mass held at that time. After the celebration of the Mass and the blessing, the pilgrims will have the opportunity to meet Manuel Araújo, specialist in the Caminhos de Santiago, who will accompany them on the common route of the three paths that depart from Porto, starting at the Cathedral.

During the walk you will make a brief stop at the Sé Tourist Office, where you can watch a video about the Caminhos de Santiago, immersing yourself in its history. This is followed by a visit to the Chapel of Verdades, where the Pilgrim Support Center is located, as well as the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Silva, ending the tour at Praça Carlos Alberto.

Until then, and throughout the days, each pilgrim who passes by the Sé Tourist Office or the Nossa Senhora das Verdades Chapel will also be offered a one-day pedestrian Porto.CARD, inviting them to discover the city and visit other points of interest in areas outside the path.

The Caminhos de Santiago are an ancient route followed by millions of pilgrims since the beginning of the 9th century, when the tomb of the apostle Santiago was discovered.

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