In two years' time, Palacete Silva Monteiro will become a leading venue for the city's culture. The 17th-century building that today houses the Comissão de Viticultura da Região dos Vinhos Verdes (CVRVV) will open its garden to the city this summer with film screenings.

The idea is, according to the president of CVRVV, “to make a contribution to culture with exhibitions, conferences, concerts, theatre, photography, and we hope to open up the space to the city”. Until then, Palacete Silva Monteiro will be the stage of “occasional experiences”, such as film screenings and the concession of a bar in the garden of the also known as Casa Do Vinho Verde with “Vinho verde wines by the glass and snacks”, Manuel Pinheiro said to Lusa news agency.

The building has been undergoing restoration work since 2019, by the students of Universidade Católica do Porto, in order to preserve and promote this centuries-old building. It includes the restoration of the original panels and decorative details.

The opening as a cultural venue, with exhibitions and conferences, will imply moving the headquarters of Vinhos Verdes, which has been there since 1944, to an adjoining building. With entrance from Rua da Restauração, Palacete Silva Monteiro is considered “the most luxurious dwelling in the city”, with “a certain taste for the past” despite being “marked by modernism”, according to historian Joel Cleto, cited by Lusa.

"It is a revivalist, eclectic house, which takes us to various styles, but it is also a modern house, like the Vinho Verde wines, which have also managed to revitalise and modernise over time", considered the historian.

Screenings start at 8:30 pm and are limited to a maximum of 50 people. Tickets are available at

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