Which has exactly 900m2. In the former Escola Básica José Gomes Ferreira, classrooms were replaced by studios for creating or rehearsing, teachers' rooms became bedrooms and even the old sports fields now serve the city's artistic community. The Campus Paulo Cunha e Silva is the new residencies’ centre for the performing arts and its doors are open.

The day was not chosen at random. On June 9th, Paulo Cunha e Silva would celebrate his 59th birthday and, for the mayor of Porto, the inauguration of this Campus, as well as “a celebration of the artistic dynamics of our city, of its recognition, of its vivacity”, “is proof that Porto's identity is unavoidably linked to culture”.

Certain that “this building could not have a name other than this one”, Rui Moreira recalled the former art critic and curator, and councillor “for his enormous availability and for his genuine interest in hearing and feeling the pulse of the city's artistic fabric, for his unique ability to find answers and solutions, for his inexhaustible desire to always want to know and do more and better in favour of culture, artists and Porto”.

The need to create the Campus Paulo Cunha e Silva, recalled the mayor of the municipality, came from the “lack of workspaces of this nature, enhancing logistical and financial conditions in the research and creation stages, preferably for those who work from the city, but also for other artists in the country and from other parts of the globe who find in Porto a territory favourable to artistic creation”.

Here they will find plenty of space for rehearsals, experimenting, and training, in a project designed with the participation of the city's own artists and companies, “through intense and attentive listening and active dialogue”, stresses Rui Moreira.

It is not a venue to host presentations, but it is for all previous moments. “It is for research, creation, restage, rehearse. Its mission is to explore and experiment the disciplines that municipal theatres will present later on”, says Tiago Guedes.

On Campus Paulo Cunha e Silva there will be dance, theatre, animated forms, contemporary circus 24 hours a day. But also physical practice classes for all residents. And it will be open to the community, whether with the rehearsals, conversations, mediation events that residents will be able to organise and intended to include the neighbourhood.

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