The Fairs and Markets of Porto are the highlight of the new promotional video, which portrays the authenticity, diversity, organization and joy of these spaces, appealing to the visit and to the immersion in the consumption experience.


The new promotional video of Porto aims to promote fairs and markets, inviting people to discover this commercial activity that livens up various parts of the city, and that contributes so much to the construction of its individual and collective identity.


Alone, with family or with friends, the message is that there it is always a good pretext to visit and buy at Porto’s fairs and markets. Being distinctive and typical places of the city, it is there that you can find the most genuine people, stories and products, and where you can feel the pulse of the population up close.

Through the video, we visit some of the most representative Fairs and Markets of the city, such as Feira de Vandoma, Mercado da Alegria, Antiques Fair, Mercadinho da Ribeira, Feira da Pasteleira, Mercado do Sol, Bird Fair, Porto Belo Market, Feira de Artesanato da Batalha, MarketPlace, Numismatics and Collections Fair, Flea Market and even the Christmas markets.


There are fairs and markets for all tastes, offering a wide variety of goods, such as antiques, books, porcelain, furniture, coins, jewellery, goldsmithery, paintings, second-hand goods, handicrafts, as well as fresh produce and food stalls, with lots of music, tradition and good mood into the mix.


Besides illustrating the experience lived at the fairs and markets and the authenticity of this trade and its traders, this film also contributes to the appreciation of these assets of the city.


The video “Fairs and Markets" is part of a number of 22 promotional videos that the Municipality of Porto is launching with the aim of publicising and enhancing the city, as well as promoting it locally, nationally and internationally, presenting a captivating Porto in its various dimensions: culture, architecture, heritage, gastronomy, handicrafts, street art, sports or hospitality.

Watch the new video here!

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