Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and, beyond all the romanticism, comes the usual doubts. Where to have dinner? What gift to give?

It is true that a romantic candlelight dinner, a bouquet of flowers and chocolates are always a winning bet, but this year we propose a slightly different experience. Why not break the routine and spend quality time together?

Climb the Arrábida Bridge’s arch

Porto Bridge Climb is an excellent way to live a different experience as a couple. After all, it's not every day that you can visit the arch of a bridge! Once you reach the top, 65 meters above the Douro River, you will be able to enjoy a privileged view of Porto and Gaia.

The tours are guided and include the various safety equipment, so we guarantee that even those who have vertigo can climb to this one which is the most iconic landmark in the city.

CC: Porto Bridge Climb

Climb to the top of Super Bock Arena

Another place that promises privileged views of Porto is the Super Bock Arena - Rosa Mota Pavilion, the iconic building in the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal that was recently renovated.

Thanks to the Porto 360 tour, it is possible to climb the pavilion’s dome, where the circular balcony allows you to see Invicta from a whole new perspective. We're sure you'll leave here with great photos to remember!


Take a surf lesson

And why not try a new sport in the company of your loved one? Take advantage of these sunny days and take your better half to Matosinhos, where you can take a surf or bodyboard lesson together.

Surfaventura and Fish Surf School are two of the many options available and, when purchasing Porto.CARD, you can still enjoy a 15% discount in each one of them. Talk to us through LiveChat, we can book the class at Isurf Portugal, for you!

Go to an escape room

If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend can't say no to a good challenge, it might be a good idea to get to know Porto Exit Games (10% discount with Porto.CARD). There are several escape rooms available and in each one you will have 60 minutes to test your teamwork and try to escape successfully. But will you succeed? The challenge remains!

CC: Porto Exist Games

Bike ride to Foz

If you're both fans of physical exercise, nothing better than a bike ride along the waterfront to Foz. This is a different way to explore the city and in between you can still stop as often as you like to relax and enjoy the sights.

In the riverside area, you can rent bicycles with Vieguini (10% discount with Porto.CARD), Biclas & Triclas (15% discount) and with Northroad (talk to us and find out more information). End the ride at Pérgola da Foz, which is surely one of the most romantic places in Invicta.

Have a picnic in the City Park

As we've said before, there's nothing wrong with a romantic candlelight dinner, but why not swap it for a picnic? Take the wicker basket you have gathering dust at home, prepare some delicacies and head to the City Park.

Lay out your picnic blanket in the gardens of what is the largest urban park in the country, with 83 hectares that stretch to the Atlantic Ocean, and spend a different day with your loved one!

Discover the city's street markets

If both of you can't resist a day of shopping, here too we have a more outside the box suggestion. Take advantage of the good weather over the weekend and explore one of the many street markets in the city. From Mercado Porto Belo to Mercado de Artesanato, including the Flea Market and the Mercadinho dos Clérigos, there are plenty of options to find some relics.

And since we are talking about markets, of course we could not forget the legendary Bolhão, which is temporarily installed in the La Vie Shopping Centre (Bolhão Temporary Market). Why not stop by and buy some quality ingredients and then have a romantic dinner at home?

CC: Mercado Porto Belo

Take a cruise on the Douro River

One way to round this Valentine's Day off is, for example, to take a cruise on the Douro River. After all, there is nothing more romantic than having dinner on board a ship, while admiring together the magnificent landscape of Porto and Gaia.

This year, our partners have several special programmes prepared. You can find out all about them here.

Excited by these suggestions? If it’s a yes, our mission has been successfully completed. You already know that if you need help planning the perfect day, you can count on us at the Official Tourism Offices, via WhatsApp or LiveChat.

And if you want to give a special gift, here's our suggestion of a unique filigree jewellery to surprise your better half. All available at our Tourism Office - Sé (Torre Medieval) and Porto Welcome Center, in front of São Bento Railway Station.

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