On Christmas Eve, Metro do Porto’s service closes earlier than usual, with the last departures taking place around 8pm on all the lines. Just like it has been happening over the past few years concerning the high demand, on December 25th the service also starts later (not at 6am like the other days of the year). Thus, the first departures on each of the six Metro lines only take place after 8:30am.

But shortly after Christmas Day the Metro returns to its regular service and prepares to increase the number of trains. Thus, on December 29th, day of the traditional Corrida de São Silvestre (race), that starts (at 6pm) and finishes at Avenida dos Aliados and crossing the main arteries of the city centre, leading to various restrictions on car traffic.

Because it’s a Sunday, the strong demand that this race usually originates, leads to several lines of the network to have an increase of capacity and frequency. This is the case of the Red Line (B), which operates in two vehicles between 4pm and 9pm on this day, as it also happens between 4pm and 10pm on the Orange Line (F). The Yellow Line (D) will always have two cars in service, also between 4pm and 9pm, offering an approximate frequency of eight minutes.

On the last day of the year, the Metro is once again increasing the number of trains for a great night to bid farewell to 2019, with a musical and pyrotechnic epicentre on Avenida dos Aliados. From 10pm on December 31st, the Blue (A), Red (B), Green (C), Yellow (D) and Orange (F) lines operate with two cars, doubling the capacity and increasing its frequencies.

These increases will go into the early hours as the Metro will run continuously, non-stop (except on the Violet Line (E), which closes at 1am as usual) from December 31st to January 1st. The service with two cars continues on the majority of the lines until 6 in the morning, when Metro resumes its usual timetable and frequencies on a bank holiday.

Whether in shopping mode, in S. Silvestre mode or celebration, Metro do Porto recommends to all passengers to buy or top-up the Andante card or the Andante monthly pass appropriate for each trip, as well as its mandatory validation/scanning. Throughout this festive season, the Metro will also increase security and revenue inspection.

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