The centenary of the traditional Queima das Fitas (event that marks the end of the university year) will remain in the memory of the Academia for being exclusively celebrated in digital format. “Serenata ao Finalista” took place on the usual day, at the usual time. During the week, concerts will be livestreamed on social media and on the last day, the documentary “Porto de Encontro” will be made available, about the best moments of the week for students from Porto.

"As it is not possible to celebrate the event along the traditional lines, Federação Académica do Porto (FAP) takes to the students, various activities that pay homage to what is the largest university party in the country", says the organiser.

Despite the constraints, there are things that remain the same. The week of Queima das Fitas is, as always, the first week of the month of May. Also, “Serenata ao Finalista” took place at the right time: at 12:01 am, last Sunday. The live streaming on FAP's social media was made from Porto’s Cathedral, where the Academia's fado groups performed.

On the morning of May 2nd, FAP livestreamed, at 11 am, the Missa da Benção das Pastas (Blessing Mass), with the Bishop of Porto, D. Manuel Linda.

Outside the stages of Queimódromo (where the party is usually held), the concerts that draw all students, the thousands of students from the various degree courses take place online and have a solidary nature. On May 4th, at 10:30 pm, it is also on social media that it is possible to watch the concerts by several Portuguese artists, filmed on different locations.

Finally, the 100th anniversary of Queima das Fitas do Porto ends with a documentary that gathers testimonies from “people who left a mark in the history of the academic event, such as the musician Quim Barreiros or the Bishop of Porto”, says the Lusa news agency. “Porto de Encontro” will be livestreamed on the last day, May 8th.

“The year 2021 would be the year in which we would recover the moments and the get-together that the pandemic took away from us. But the hope of giving it back to the academia of Porto and the city that which is also part of its essence has remained and, therefore, we take the spirit of the week of Queima das Fitas to those who have not yet had the opportunity to experience it and, of course, to those who could not say goodbye”, guarantees the president of Federação Académica do Porto, Ana Gabriela Cabilhas.

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