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Mobile Networks

National coverage by mobile voice network services (GSM) is nearly 100 per cent in cities and main roads and is “comparable to the best in Europe and the world”. These words belong to Portugal's National Communications Authority (ANACOM), which conducted a study that measured network coverage and the quality of mobile services which in both cases was close to 100 per cent, and without significant differences between the three national operators.

Each of these operators also has so-called low-cost operators.

    • low-cost operators - UZO and Phone-ix
    • low-cost operator - Yorn
    • low-cost operator - Rede4

Before purchasing a SIM card or handset with a SIM card, it is crucial to compare the prices, promotions and conditions of the different operators, some of whom provide different options for specific groups, such as university students.


Where to buy a SIM card or handset + pre-paid SIM card

It is possible to purchase a pre-paid SIM card for networks/operators and handsets (mobile phones) in various places:

  • Dedicated shops
  • Shopping centres
  • Post offices (CTT)
  • Gas stations
  • Hypermarkets/supermarkets

The aforementioned operators also sell fixed telephone, TV and Internet services, information about which can also be consulted at:

as well as on the websites of the main mobile communications operators.

Published 21-05-2013