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The city of Porto has been making a continuous effort to raise everyone's awareness of the human rights of those with disabilities, particularly regarding those with accessibility and mobility issue.

Changes have been implemented in the public realm, by widening and levelling pavements, facilities and public buildings, thereby making them accessible, with particular emphasis on schools, local council services and transport (the Metro, STCP buses and introduction of adapted taxis).

The Central Library (Biblioteca Municipal do Porto) has also contributed to broadening access through its adapted reading section, which includes braille and an audio system, as has the Almeida Garrett Library (Biblioteca Municipal de Almeida Garrett), which provides good facilities, including in terms of computer use, and a plan to implement a guidance system for the blind developed by the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD).

Many buildings also try to provide total or partial access to their installations and facilities and services for people with physical, visual or hearing difficulties.
It is the aim of the website of the Porto Tourism Office (Turismo do Município do Porto) to identify these resources in order to facilitate the selection of points of interest in the city based on these conditioning factors. In this way, every hotel, restaurant, monument, etc. will be identified in its own individual file with the classification of “accessible” whenever it is suitably equipped. By consulting the Porto Tourism website, and conducting a filtered search using the word “accessibility”, it is possible to group together accessible points of interest and in this way to design a customised itinerary in line with the characteristics required.

For further information on Accessibility in Porto call:

  • Municipal Office for Citizens with Impairments
    Gabinete do Munícipe (Citizen’s Assistance Department)
    Praça General Humberto Delgado, 266
    4000-286 Porto
    T. +351 222097138
    Fax: +351 222097119
    Opening hours: Wednesday – 14:00/17:00, no booking required; 17:00/19:00, booking required

Published 21-05-2013