Pasteleira Urban Park

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  • Address: Rua de Diogo Botelho/Rua Bartolomeu Velho, 4150-262 Porto
  • Tel.: +351 225320080
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  • Opening hours: 1oct-31mar 8:00-20:00, 1apr-30sep 8:00-23:00
  • Cost: Free(-)
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  • Accessible for people with impairments: Physical
  • The Parque da Pasteleira (Pasteleira Park) constitutes a fundamental element of Porto's green structure and it is a centre of social intercourse, recess, leisure and sports, lodging also an environmental education centre. With a total area of 7 hectares, it is divided into two parts connected by three pontoons. The wild pine trees and cork trees represent the last big surface of natural vegetation in the area of Porto. This whole natural heritage is preserved in the park's landscape model, designed by the architect Marisa Lavrador. In 2009, a bike path of almost 2km was created, connecting the Pasteleira Park and the City Park.
  • GPS: 41.150675615742, -8.6588788032532
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  • Fax: +351 225320086
  • Bus: STCP - 1M, STCP - 200, STCP - 204, STCP - 207, STCP - 504