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Aeroporto Sá Carneiro
Photo:  Aeroporto Francisco Sá CarneiroCC BY-NC-SA - Some Rights Reserved

​The city of Porto, with an area of 42km2, is the second largest city in Portugal.  It is located in the north of the country, on the North-western part of the Iberian Peninsula and lies to the right hand side of the river Douro in close proximity to its mouth. 

Covered by an ever progressing, accomplished transport network, getting to Porto could never be easier whether it be by plane, bus, car, boat, train or metro.  Travelling within the city is made simple should you go by public transport, your own car or a hired one. 


​The Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, located 11km from Porto, is an award winning, contemporary structure, well equipped to meet the increasing demands of today's air traffic, operating regularly with 14 different airlines to 64 destinations.

The quickest and most efficient way to reach Porto´s city centre from the airport is by metro - line E-Violet (Aeroporto – Estádio do Dragão).  This line operates daily from 06:00 - 01:00 and from here, getting to the city centre (either Trindade or Bolhão station) takes about 30 minutes. The Andante ticket needed for this journey can be purchased at any of the automatic ticket machines in the Metro station – occasional ticket (Z4). It costs 2.45€, is valid for 1 hour and 15 minutes and is also rechargeable.

To get to the city centre by bus, you can take either line 601, 602 or 3M (00:00-05:00). In this case, you can buy a single trip ticket on the bus, costing 1.85€.

There are four shuttle services available, to and from the Airport. Two of them to and from the agreed hotel, according to a previous booking, the other one to and from the city centre (25min). In all cases, you must make your booking with the respective service operators:

  • Airportshuttle (Hotel-to-Hotel) – at or by tel. +351 960426692  – daily service from 4am to 00:45am – 2 pax 9,00€/pax3-7 pax 7,00€/pax; >8 pax 6,00€/pax. With Porto Card: free for children aged up to 8, 30% discount for 2 or more passengers.
  • Goin’Porto (Airport/City Centre/Airport) – online, at – daily service from 4:30am to 1am – 6.00€/single trip, 8.00€/round trip
  • Private Shuttle – EFUNGPSTOURS (Airport/Hotel/Airport) – by tel. +351 913496213/+351 914173671 / +351 220923270 - 24/7 – 1 a 4 pax 30,00€; 5 pax 35,00€; 6 pax 40,00€ (only available for cabin luggage). With Porto Card: 15% discount

Another option is to take a taxi which costs between 20/25.00€ or rent a car at the airport. 


​Porto has a privileged geographic location, complemented by a modern communications network.  It's easy for anyone coming from Galicia, the Algarve, Lisbon, Coimbra or from any other point in the country to arrive comfortably to the city and equally as easy to travel to any of these destinations. By car, you can get to Porto from Galicia in around to 2 hours and travel to the Algarve in approximately 5 hours.

Throughout Porto there are various public and private car parks at your disposal.

Besides national roads (EN, IC, IP), free, the city has access to various highways, subject to toll:  A1 Lisbon, linking to the Algarve; A3 Valença (Minho), linking to Galicia; A4 Amarante (Trás-os-Montes), linking to Bragança; A28 (Porto - Cerveira) and A29 (Porto - Aveiro/Cantanhede).  Some of these highways are to be paid at the end of the trip with the ticket that must be collected at the beginning of the highway. The ways showing the sign “Via Verde” are for monthly-pass holders only.

Other highways or parts of highway have only electronic tolls. It means that there are no cabins and the passing of vehicles is detected by devices placed at the beginning of those highways.The highways are identified at the beginning with: "Electronic toll only".

  • Highways with electronic tolls covering Porto and the northern region:
    • A28: Coastal North-highway - between Porto and Vilar de Mouros/Caminha
    • A4: Porto/Amarante-highway (between Matosinhos and Águas Santas)
    • A41: Circular Regional exterior do Porto (Porto Regional Outer Circular)
    • A42: Alfena-Lousada-highway


  • Electronic Tolls: payment options for vehicles with foreign licence plates


  • This system associates the vehicle’s licence plate with a credit card (MasterCard of Visa). The toll amounts due are automatically debited to the card’s account
  • A receipt (valid for 30 days, which should be kept) is issued at the time of subscription
  • Licence numbers can be corrected and memberships can be cancelled via Call Centre, or at
  • Signing up at the following locations: EN13 – Vila Nova de Cerveira; A24 – 3.5 km from the Caves/Verin border crossing; A25 – Alto de Leomil service area; and A22 – Vila Real de Santo António


  • Prepaid cards for 5, 10 20 or 40,00€
  • Activation and direct association with licence number by the customer via cell phone SMS (instructions on card).
  • More than one card may be activated, with cumulative balances
  • The balances activated are drawn down according to use
    Balances can be checked at
  • Customers will receive an alert SMS when the balance reaches zero.
  • Available at post offices, service areas and at


  • 3-day prepaid ticket at a fixed price of 20,00€, with unlimited used during its validity period
    Available for light vehicles
  • Can be purchased at, at national hotels or at “Easytoll” toll booths


  • Lease of temporary “Via Verde Visitors” device (6,00€ for the first week, and 1,50€ for each following week; refundable deposit of 27,50€). Consumption according to use, and valid for 90 days
  • “Via Verde Device” membership, with debit from bank account
  • Via Verde products are valid throughout the nation’s entire road network, and can be purchased at Via Verde outlets and authorized agents, post offices (CTT) and Automóvel Club de Portugal (ACP) outlets. In Spain, they are available at Banco Caixa Geral, RESSA ( or Servisa (

For further information on these options go to:

National and international road passenger transport

You can travel to or from Porto with ease from any point in Portugal or Europe.  In doing so, you have a number of road transport services which offer regular city links.

From the international transport terminal you are provided with the following options when travelling to the city centre:

• Casa da Música interface

Metro: lines A -  Blue (Estádio do Dragão -  Senhor de Matosinhos), B - Red (Estádio do Dragão - Póvoa de Varzim), C – Green (Campanhã / ISMAI), E – Violet (Estádio do Dragão - Aeroporto) and F – Orange (Fânzeres/Senhora da Hora).

The Andante ticket needed for this journey can be purchased at any of the automatic ticket machines in the Metro stations, occasional ticket (Z2). It costs 1.80€, is valid for 1 hour, and is rechargeable.

Bus lines 501, 502 and 201 are also available and by taxi the journey costs around 6.00€.


​Porto is served by international trains, Alfa Pendular (high-speed train), intercity, inter-regional, regional and urban trains, connecting the city to several destinations inside and outside the country.

The Campanhã train station is the busiest in the city and the S. Bento railway station is the most central one.

From Campanhã, you can travel to the city centre by train to S. Bento (this journey is included in the Alfa ticket), or by metro on lines:

  • A - Blue (Estádio do Dragão - Senhor de Matosinhos);
  •  B - Red (Estádio do Dragão - Póvoa de Varzim);
  • C – Green (Campanhã / ISMAI);
  • E – Violet (Estádio do Dragão - Aeroporto) and
  • F – Orange (Fânzeres/Senhora da Hora).

The Andante ticket needed for  this journey can be purchased at any of the automatic ticket machines in the Metro stations, occasional ticket (Z2)'. It costs 1.80€, is valid for 1 hour and is rechargeable.

You can take the 207 bus to the city centre or go by taxi, which costs around 10.00€.

CP´s urban trains allow you to travel to nearby towns, such as Vila Nova de Gaia, Espinho, Guimarães, Braga, Viana do Castelo and Aveiro. Train tickets must be purchased before your journey, from sales points or automatic ticket machines.


​The Leixões Port is located a few kilometers from Porto and receives cruise vessels from various parts of the world.

To get to the city centre, you have an excellent metro connection through Line A (Blue) - Senhor de Matosinhos- Estádio do Dragão.
The Andante ticket needed for this journey can be purchased at any of the automatic ticket machines in the Metro stations, occasional ticket (Z3). It costs 2.10€, is valid for 1 hour and is rechargeable.

To get to the city centre by bus, you can use line 507.

A taxi journey costs approximately 16.00€.

Porto also has a few marinas for those who enjoy sailing: the Freixo Marina, in the Freixo area, and the Porto Atlântico Marina, in Leixões, outside the city.

Rio Douro Crossing – Lordelo do Ouro/Afurada

Crossing the river Douro between Cais do Ouro (near the Arrábida bridge), in Porto, and Afurada, in Vila Nova de Gaia.

  • Operates every 15 mins from 09:00 - 18:00 in the winter, and from 09:00 - 22:00 in the summer, depending on the weather, (15 min/ 45 min - Ouro Quai; hour / 30 min- Afurada Quay)

Tickets cost 1.50€ per person and 1€ per bike. They can be purchased on the boat.

Metro (Metro do Porto)

​Running daily between 06:00 - 01:00, the Porto metro service has 6 lines that connect the outskirts of the city to the centre:

  • Line A (Blue) - Estádio do Dragão - Senhor de Matosinhos
  • Line B (Red) - Estádio do Dragão - Póvoa de Varzim
  • Line C (Green) - Estádio do Dragão - ISMAI
  • Line D (Yellow) - Hospital São João – Santo Ovídio
  • Line E (Violet) - Estádio do Dragão - Aeroporto
  • Line F (Orange) – Senhora da Hora - Fânzeres

The Andante travel pass can be bought at the Andante shops, Andante sale points, STCP service points, train station ticket offices with Andante sale points and in the Mobility Centre (S. Bento railway station).

The Andante occasional ticket, from Z2 to Z12, depending on the number of zones included in your journey, can also be purchased from the automatic ticket machines in the Metro stations and from the Tourism Office – Centre (25, Rua Clube dos Fenianos). This ticket is valid for the minimum of an hour and is rechargeable.

There are also Andante Tour tickets, 1 day – 7.00€ (available at the Trindade metro and S. Bento train station ticket offices) and 3 days – 15.00€ (also available at the Trindade metro station and the S. Bento train station ticket offices). This ticket allows you unlimited travel on bus and metro.​

Bus (STCP)

STCP buses operate:

  • Daytime service: 05:00 - 00:30 (Some lines only run until 21:00)
  • Night service (Lines 1M to 13M): 00:00 - 05:00

Some buses are already equipped with access platforms for people with reduced mobility.

STCP tickets (to be validated upon entering the bus) can be purchased from Payshop offices, train station ticket offices, post offices, Andante shops, automatic ticket machines and at the STCP or Andante service points.

The Andante tickets can be bought at the ticket machines in the metro stations, the Andante shops, Andante sale points, STCP service points, train station ticket offices with Andante sale points and in the Mobility Centre (S. Bento railway station).

It is also possible to get a Single Trip Ticket (Título Agente Único) in the bus (bought for that trip only) - 2.00€.

Tram (STCP)

​There are 3 lines operating:

  • 1 – Infante/Passeio Alegre
  • 18 – Massarelos/Carmo
  • 22 – Batalha/Carmo

Timetables can be found at each stop.

Single trip tickets can be bought in the tram at a cost of 3€.

Guindais funicular (Metro do Porto)

​Connects the Batalha area to the Ribeira area.

  • Nov to Mar - 8am-8pm (Sun to Thu) and 8am-10pm (Fri and Sat)
  • Apr to Oct - 8am-10pm (Sun to Thu) and 8am-12am (Fri and Sat)

Funi Adult and Funi Junior travel tickets can be purchased for 2,50€ and  1,25€, respectively.


​Available 24 hours a day from clearly signposted taxi ranks throughout the city or by phone. 

Most taxis have a capacity of 4 passengers, however there are also 8 passenger taxis available. 

Every taxi has a meter indicating the cost of your journey which is to be paid at the end of the trip. The receipt is compulsory.

Tariff charges are posted on the window of the rear door, on the left side of the taxi.

Car rental

You can rent a car at the airport or at various places throughout the city.

Typical rental requirements:  Aged over 21 or  25, driving for at least 1-3 years, full driver's licence, Identification card/Passport and credit card. 

For further information :


​The cycle lanes in Porto are mainly located by the riverside and seaside, but there are also lanes located in other parts of the city. Porto is a hilly city in some areas, nevertheless it is possible for you to ride through the city in a safe way. For the moment there are six cycle lanes available:

  • Asprela: Although some parts of the lane are set on the road, these are used by velocipedes only. This lane is 3,5 km long and was built in 2012.
  • Prelada: Urban ane connecting the road EN12 to Carvalhido, thus linking the city surroundings to the city centre. It is 1,24 km long and it was inaugurated in 2011.
  • Seaside/Riverside: Lane serving leisure activities, beginning at the western entrance of the City Park (by the Transparent Building) and finishing at the Largo António Calem. It was inaugurated in 2007 and it is 4,86km long, with another 1,72km of shared lane.
  • Pasteleira Park: Lane serving leisure activities. It is part of the Pasteleira Urban Park, it is 0,7km long and it was inaugurated in September 2009.
  • Foz da Ribeira da Granja: Lane beginning at the eastern entrance of the City Park (Av. do Parque) and finishing at the Largo António Calém. It is 3,8km long and it was inaugurated in 2009.
  • Av. da Boavista: Lane serving leisure activities, whose first part is located between Praça de Gonçalves Zarco and Av. do Parque. It is  2,2km long and it was inaugurated in 2011.

Bikes can be rented in various spots in the city. Futher information at:

Porto Card

With the Porto.CARD, when using the modalities 1 day, 2, 3 or 4 days, you are allowed unlimited travel by the transport operators associated with the Andante intermodal network (metro, bus, urban trains) during the card's validity period. You can purchase your Porto.CARD at the Porto Tourism Offices, in the Porto Airport at several railway stations and from any associate entity.

Further information at: