Portuguese from Porto speak better English!

​The Global Ranking of Countries and Regions by EF EPI EF English Proficiency Index lists Portugal as a country of "very High" English skills. Portugal ranks 12nd best, out of 100 countries, ahead of Belgium and Croatia. The Netherlands take number one in this list.

Porto is the Portuguese city where English is best spoken, and Faro district or the Island of Madeira register the lower level of English proficiency.

It is worth mentioning that there has been a continuous rise of students in search for an international experience in the University of Porto, and also international researchers, due to the quality of student hosting in the U.Porto, as well as the safe, cosmopolitan and lively environment of the city.

Moreover, the University of Porto has been selected by the European Commission to create one of the first 17 alliances of European universities. This community initiative will be an important step towards the realisation of a European Education Area through consortia of Europe's top higher education institutions from different Member States.

In addition, the establishment of the European University Alliance for Global Health will increase exponentially the international mobility of students.

Also in the business area, the city that shapes a nation, Porto hosts elite companies, such as Talkdesk, the technological centre of excellence in Porto, which is included in the best private cloud companies in the world list, by Forbes.

Mayor Rui Moreira created InvestPorto in 2015, to monitor the setting up of investment projects in the city of Porto.

Porto is indeed "the city that works", providing new services to cope with the emerging challenges of both the global and the local economy. InvestPorto harness all the necessary resources and competencies in the city's investment area, providing the follow-up of business and projects, the Aftercare Service and the Talent Management Area.

English is now a global lingua franca; its origins date back to early medieval England and being a West Germanic language, it is named after the Angles, one of the Germanic tribes that migrated to the area of Great Britain.

Source: Porto.pt

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Published 07-11-2019