Green roof in Campanhã

​TIC -Terminal Intermodal de Campanhã is a revolutionary project for transport and mobility (getting around) in Porto, as well as a major architectural and engineering venture with its 24 thousand square meters of gross building area. But it is also revolutionary in the field of environmental sustainability as it will become the largest carbon-absorption hub in the city: between its all-green roof and the equally landscaped surrounding area will be 46 thousand square meters of green surface.

In addition, this is not just another project because the construction work has already started on September 23rd, thus taking an important step towards realizing what was a commitment taken by the Executive of Rui Moreira: the construction of the Campanhã Intermodal Terminal, which had been successively promised to the city since 2003.

But the environmental and care concerns of the Planet and the quality of life in Porto do not stop there, and several aspects are equally taken into account in the construction of TIC. For example, this complex will be built in full respect of the international LEED standard (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

It is a certification for sustainable building, designed and granted by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), to promote and stimulate sustainable building practices, meeting criteria for green building. It comprises categories such as Location and Transportation, Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation and Regional Priority.

The new intermodal platform in Campanhã, expected to be completed within two years, will be one of the main hubs of the public transport network, as a strategic interface of Porto’s ring, working in conjunction with the interface of Casa da Música and the future interface of Hospital de S. João.

The TIC will include suburban and long-distance trains, Metro and STCP (bus) urban network, as well as intermunicipal and regional buses that will have a state-of-the-art terminal in an area of the city which has an easy road access.

Representing an investment of around 13 million euros, it will also have utilitarian areas, such as a car park, trucking terminal, service station, "kiss & ride" stops, bicycle park and taxi park, as well as complementary areas of public support service, administrative areas and essential technical areas.


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Published 17-10-2019