Giant Wind Turbine Blade in Aliados

​A giant wind turbine blade, with 41 meters and 8.2 tons, is lying in the centre of Avenida dos Aliados, imposing its presence on those who pass by. But the position is misleading, since the goal is to raise up high a series of appeals.

Firstly, draw attention to the 1st Porto Design Biennale (PDB), which is taking place in Porto and Matosinhos with various conferences, debates, exhibitions, performances and other initiatives. But also for the importance of design, its artistic and utilitarian creativity, its connection to industry or its presence in everyday life, although often unnoticed. And also calls for environmental protection and the fight against climate change, since the functionality of the wind generator that this type of blade has aims precisely to produce cleaner energy, as pointed out José Bártolo, PDB's general curator, at the public presentation of the installation.

The curiosity factor is one of the factors that contributes to such unusual presence is attracting the attention of the locals, and also tourists, because it is the type of industrial object that we are used to see only on the mountains top. This aspect was even stressed by the mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira pointed out that this is a rare opportunity for people to see closely (it is better they will not touch it...) an industrial object that became common only on the horizon.

But in addition to being a direct marketing element for Porto Design Biennale, this blade from Enercon also has an implicit message that also relates to the biennial's own theme - the tensions of the new millennium - at the same time intended to give rise to reflection concerning it and mirror the transformations of Portugal and the world in recent years.

With the title "Hard Design - The Children of Eos", the installation, curated by Eduardo Côrte-Real, will stay in Avenida dos Aliados until next Sunday and will be followed on the Altice fibre-optic cable kilometre which, for the same purposes , will be suspended on the facade of the Biblioteca Municipal Florbela Espanca, in Matosinhos, on October 24th.

"We decided to call the first installation «The Sons of Eos» and the second one «Arachne’s Loom». We would hardly find two elements more relevant than the pieces of this exhibition to show the transformations that Portugal and the world have undergone in recent years, in a biennial whose title is Post Millennial Tension", explains Eduardo Côrte-Real, pointing out that "wind farms are today an obvious presence in the landscape, whatever the journey is made in our country, and the relative weight of the energy they generate in the total energy consumed increases every year."

On the other hand, the curator adds, "literally underground, fibre optics have conquered our cities, technically supporting high-performance networks through which the vast majority of communications and information and entertainment content pass."

Thus, "being made up of two pieces, the exhibition arouses a series of polarities. The Sons of Eos are the brute forces before humans that they seek to understand and utilize (wind being one of the oldest); the Arachne’s Loom corresponds to the desire to defy the gods and, consequently, to permanently work on artificial constructions capable of covering the world itself", concludes Eduardo Côrte-Real.

The birth and realization of Porto Design Biennale are the initiative of the Porto and Matosinhos City Halls, which handed over the operation to ESAD - idea. The programme runs until December 8th with a variety of events in different spaces of the two municipalities.


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Published 16-10-2019