XII Festival Internacional de Cinema de Turismo - ART&TUR 2019

​"A location for every story" is the message that Porto will take to the XII International Tourism Film Festival - ART&TUR 2019, through a promotional film in which the public can now vote online.

The goal is to make known and promote Porto to film directors and producers, as a place for film and video shooting, taking into account the great variety of scenery that the city can offer regardless of its size.

History, modern, heritage, landscape and environment are brought together in about 5 minutes directed by André Tentúgal and that the Municipality of Porto has decided to use for the "Porto Film Commission - A location for every story" bid in which the public can vote until October 9th.

Judged by an international jury of 25 experts from 15 countries, Porto's video is now nominated for the Best Tourism Film - International Competition category (there are also the national competition category and the documentary category).

After the public vote, which closes in less than a month, the results will be announced at the XII International Tourism Film Festival - ART&TUR 2019, which will be held in Torres Vedras, from October 22nd to 25th.

You can watch the films and vote for the one from the city of Porto HERE.

To vote, the process is simple: access the "Public Voting" link and choose one of 3 ways to login: Facebook, Google or Twitter. After you login, choose the category (in this case the International Competition) and the film you want to vote for (preferably "Porto Film Commission - A location for every story") and click "like".

Source: Porto.pt

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Published 12-09-2019