Venice hailed the movie about Porto

​The film about the city of Porto, directed by Leonor Teles and commissioned by Porto City Hall, won over the jury of the Venice International Film Festival and was considered the best European short film in competition at the event.

Born from “Cultura em Expansão” municipal programme, "Dogs barking at birds," which is starred by the Gil family from Porto, was screened at the Orizzonti competitive section and was eventually nominated by the Venice Film Festival jury for the 2019 European Film Awards.

This work came about after an art residency that Leonor Teles has done in Porto, commissioned by the Municipality, where the director focuses on the history of the Gil family in the context of the current transformation of the city and its surroundings of the real estate and social pressure.

"Dogs Barking at Birds" has from the get-go received great enthusiasm when it was screened in Venice, culminating with the jury's award and nomination of the prestigious festival.


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Published 10-09-2019