Turkish Airlines strengthens link to the East

​Turkish Airlines will mark its fifth anniversary in Porto by increasing its operation. After doubling connections between the city and Istanbul this summer (with 10 weekly flights), the Turkish airline announced the increase of winter flights from five to seven, which means it will guarantee daily connections even in low season and on the weekends.

Istanbul's new airport, opened this year, is one of the largest and most modern in the world, providing connections from there to all over the world. It is considered the main connection hub between Europe and the East. Turkish Airlines is the airline that flies to most destinations around the world, being the only airline that guarantees flights to more than 100 cities.

Inaugurated nearly five years ago, the direct flight between Porto and Istanbul has carried more than 300,000 passengers in new, high quality and comfortable aircrafts, offering both economy fares and business class.

Just over a year ago, Turkish Airlines opened its own facilities in Porto for the first time outside the airport area, having settled in Foz, which shows the bet that this world-class flag carrier is making on the destination.

Source: Porto.pt

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Published 06-09-2019