Bolhão Tunnel kicks off on August 20th

​The beginning of the construction takes place on August 20th, but the car traffic scheme in the surroundings of Bolhão Market includes direction changes as of August 13th.

The first phase of the changes consists in reversing the direction of the streets of Firmeza, Anselmo Braancamp and Moreira, in order to safeguard accessibility to public transport and all those who actually need access to the area that will be under construction.

At the same time, there are some changes in the STCP network, namely with two new stops with shelters that replace those that need to be removed in order to follow the new traffic direction.

On the other hand, the inevitable traffic impacts resulting from the construction of the Bolhão Tunnel will also be minimized with other measures to be implemented in the second phase, with effect from August 20th.

All these changes and restrictions associated with the construction of the "Urban Tunnel linking Rua do Ateneu Comercial do Porto to Rua Alexandre Braga", which will also pass through Rua Formosa, aim to ensure safety and mobility within the context of the global restoration work of Bolhão Market, which the city of Porto had been waiting for decades and is finally underway, in a process that brought together the rare consensus of all the city's political forces.

The result will be a traditional fresh produce market, but with modern features in terms of comfort, hygiene and safety, for both traders and the general public, once again Porto can count on one of its most emblematic buildings.

The creation of the Bolhão Tunnel will allow direct access to the logistics underground floor of Bolhão Market when it reopens. It will therefore be an essential infrastructure for the Market to be in operation and also for the protection of mobility in its surroundings, since it will absorb the vehicle traffic of suppling the traders.


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Published 14-08-2019