Book Fair honours Eduardo Lourenço

​The emeritus Professor, philosopher and essayist Eduardo Lourenço was chosen as the author to be honoured for this year's edition of Porto Book Fair, which will have the writer Nuno Artur Silva as steward.

With the decision to recognise Eduardo Lourenço, the literary festival of Porto, which returns to the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal between September 6th and 22nd, will thus focus on one of the biggest names in Portuguese thinking, characterized by being "the bearer of a perspective always different and disturbing about the problems he deals with", for the "plurality of interests" and for the "immensity of a culture that is not entrenched in strongholds of erudition", as Eduardo Prado Coelho described.

Eduardo Lourenço, who turned 96 on May 23rd, taught at Portuguese, Brazilian, German and French universities, while being very active in literary criticism and essay writing, authoring half a hundred works.

The connection to Porto came at an early age because, although born in São Pedro de Rio Seco, in the municipality of Almeida, he spent his first years of life in the city of Porto. Therefore, according to the writer and philosopher in an interview with Anabela Mota Ribeiro, his earliest memories of himself and the world are precisely from the city of Porto, where he lived from childhood, which forever indelibly marked him: “The first images I have of my life are of the fog, from the factories, of the fog that the chimneys made.”

However, the mission of paying tribute to Eduardo Lourenço, that the Porto Book Fair will carry out this year, was given to writer, playwright and screenwriter Nuno Artur Silva. Author of more than a dozen books, Nuno Artur Silva is the founder of Produções Fictícias and Canal Q and former administrator of RTP, being a reference of humour and enlightened critical opinion, precisely something that he has in common with Eduardo Lourenço.

The Porto Book Fair considered 87 applications for this year's edition, which will correspond to a total of 130 pavilions, the size seen as ideal.

As for the typology of vendors, there will be 9 bookshops, 46 publishers, 21 second-hand bookshops and 6 distributors. To these are added 5 more institutional attendees.


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Published 13-08-2019