Porto is the city to visit in 2019

In Porto you'll discover sights, culture, food scenes, accommodation options and value for money, as Porto is the city to visit in 2019, according to Culture Trip site and app. And Porto more than deserves a spot on your 2019 travel wishlist.

Culture trip's inaugural travel wishlist spotlights Porto as the second best in the globe to enjoying culture in 2019. Among the 12 ranked destinations, which were chosen "based on an analysis of the cities that have seen the biggest growth in millennial interest on", Culture Trip says "2019 is all about Porto".

"The sea-side garden city" offers dreamy landscapes and once in a lifetime moments that you'll cherish for years to come. Does this sound too romantic? Because it is indeed.

Travelers that crave excellent food or quality design, wine lovers looking for "splendid local wine" or shopping local, there is no better way to see it than actually going there.

"When it comes to art and design, Porto offers everything from traditional textiles to contemporary concepts, so there's no better place to find home-decor inspiration", this said, strolling through town is quite like "visiting a free museum, with stunning murals and amazing street art", the article reads.

This is the city Harry Potter by famous JK Rowling "was born", so Lello Bookstore or Café Majestic are must-go places in Porto.

And, for God's sake, do open a bottle of world famous and probably most delicious wine ever produced, the "delicacy of port wine", exclusively produced in the Douro Valley, the oldest demarcated wine region in the world.

That said, have you packed already?!

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Source: Porto.pt

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Published 16-07-2019