NOS Primavera Sound will return in June 2020

​The eighth edition of the music festival attended by a “melting pot” of happy people concluded this Saturday. The last night belonged to the women, with the performances of Rosalía, Erykah Badu and Nina Kraviz. In a year in which the event generated 18.5 million euros for the city, NOS Primavera Sound and Porto City Hall have already guaranteed the renewal of vows for 2020.

To the question, "do you come to see or experience?", the answers invariably hung for one conclusion: the 75,000 people who went to the City Park during the three days wanted to enjoy the NOS Primavera Sound line-up, but also its atmosphere.

Distinctive factor proven onsite by the mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, and also pointed out by Catarina Araújo, councillor for Youth and Sports. "The fabulous conditions [of the City Park] enable us to have this diversity", shown in the five stages where around 70 artists performed, she recalled.

The bet is won and, as expected, Catarina Araújo confirmed the return of NOS Primavera Sound to the same place next year. "We have a festival that is perfectly consolidated, not only because those who come for the first time continue to come again, but also because of a very peculiar characteristic: the average age is around 30 years", said the councillor.

Impact of NOS Primavera Sound generates 18,5 million euros for Porto.

During the three days, each festivalgoer spent an average of 103,65€ on the premises, as the audience living outside the Porto Metropolitan Area and abroad spending, on average, 563,43€ in the city. Compared to the previous year, there was an overall increase in expenses of 26,3%, according to the Research Centre of ISAG - European Business School.

The total generated for the city amounted to about 18,5 million euros. Sums are mainly from accommodation, food and satellite activities such as visits to the Port wine cellars and museums, tickets to shows and other cultural events, nightlife, shopping in local shops, among others.

NOS Primavera Sound returns to the City Park 11-13 June 2020 and, as José Barreiro has said, "Pavement is the first confirmation and a worldwide exclusive for the editions of Barcelona and Porto." Celebrating the brand's 20th anniversary next year, Primavera Sound is ready to enter in Los Angeles, the third latitude at global scale to which this privilege is bestowed.


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Published 12-06-2019